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January 12, 2000
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David Michael Kennedy


Never slow to miss a plug for our sister quarterly, Ag, the next edition (vol. 18, published January) contains an interesting feature by Tim Daly on intenet resources for the photographer.

Of the many sites he points reader, to is that of this New Mexico-based photographer, and it's a great example of what the combination of fine imagery and good web design can do for self- promotion on the worldwide web.


The site has already won many awards and includes sections on his portfolios - including landscape and portraiture - information on the workshops he runs, in particular platinum printing, and, being no shrinking violet, a comprehensive biog section and collection of press cuttings

But the pictures alone make it worth the visit, and as a lesson in simple effective web design suited to the subject matter it's as good as anything out there. And while we're on the subject a very good site for would be webmasters is www.efuse.com - tips, advice and resources galore.