A great little interview with Skip Cohen about the Ghost Dance Photograph.

Link to Interview

For more about Skip Cohen go to:

Link to Skip Cohen University


There will be a closing Party for the show on Friday, April 20,2018. Hope you can make it!

Webster Collection

54 Lincoln Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501



webster show closing 







Henry Crow Dog passed on to The Spirit World

June 23, 2014


For all the People who Henry touched I wanted to let you know he passed on in a Good Way.
Peacefully in the truck.  When the time is right I will do a memorial for him and let everyone know when.
For now hold him in your hearts and know he is with the Creator

Aho Mitakuye Oysin





New Group Show





 Ohio Wesleyan University proudly presents 


An exhibition of artwork by artists residing in Northern New Mexico

February 11 – March 30, 2014

The exhibition was organized with the assistance of students participating in the University’s unique Theory-To-Practice Grants Program.

Richard M. Ross Art Museum

60 South Sandusky Street • Delaware, Ohio 43015

Special Events

Thursday, February 13


4:10 pm • Room 121, Edgar Hall

Opening Reception

4:30 — 6:30 pm • Ross Art Museum

Admission FREE Open to All

Museum Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 10 am – 5 pm

Thursday, 10 am – 9 pm • Sunday 1 pm – 5 pm

Closed Monday and Saturday

Call 740-368-3606 for additional information or on-line at

Funding provided by the Theory-To-Practice Grants Program, and the Barbara Kuhlman and Marion Parson Alden Funds for Exhibitions and Visiting Artists 


Kent Bowser • Laura Dean • Margaret Fitzgerald • Gus Foster 
Lenny Foster • Victor Goler • Ed Haddaway • Betty Heald • Nicholas Herrera 
David Michael Kennedy • Jennifer Lynch • Nina Morrow • Jill Pease 
Carlos Rael • Deborah Rael-Buckley • Reina • Anita Rodriguez
Ellen Schechner-Johnson • Jan Sessler • Nancy Sutor • Roxanne Swentzell 
Luis Tapia • Jim Vogel • Wendy Young • Craig Varjabedian • Will Wilson










October 25
5 - 7 PM

706 Bond Street
Española, New Mexico


October 25 - December 20, 2013

Visions Of the Heart
Images From the Road
Three Views From El Rito

David Michael Kennedy 
Nicholas Herrera
Susan Guevara

Museum Hours
Monday Noon - 3:30 PM
Tuesday - Friday Noon - 4:00 PM


Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center
P.O. Box 1295
Española, New Mexico 87532

Visions Of the Heart–Images from the Road
Three Views from El Rito
October 25 - December 20, 2013
An exhibition developed and sponsored by the
Northern New Mexico Regional Art Center




in site photo auction

This is a great oppertunity to get my work and many other great photographers work.  Click on the banner above to go to their site!





That I am proud to be part of:
In/Visible Borders: New Mexico Photographers
The Marion Center for Photographic Arts at Santa Fe University of Art and Design 
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 Saint Michael’s Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505-7634
Opening September 9, 2013
from 4:30 to 6:30

Hope to see you there !

A bit more information:

In/Visible Borders:  New Mexico Photographers

One Exhibition/Two Venues!

Marion Center for Photographic Arts/Santa Fe University of Art and Design: September 9 – December 13, 2013; Opening Reception: Monday, September 9th, 4:30 – 6:30. Free and open to the public.

City of Santa Fe Arts Commission’s Community Gallery: November 22, 2013 – February 21, 2014: Opening Reception: Friday, November 22nd, 5 – 7 PM. Free and open to the public.

Curated by Mary Anne Redding, chair of the photography department at Santa Fe University of Art and Design, In/Visible Borders: New Mexico Photographers, examines the contemporary New Mexico landscape in terms of the cultural, political, and economic realities of life in the 21st century along the borderlands between the United States and Mexico. The exhibit investigates the organic and often hidden borderlands that define the state of New Mexico and the greater Southwest; issues addressed included not only the physical border between two countries or those delineating various southwestern states, but also other less tangible borders – those of politics, economics, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender relationships, neighborhood delineations, astronomical communication, environmental concerns, the homestead act and manifest destiny.  We live quietly and sometimes not so quietly with these issues in our day-to-day lives; often they are addressed in passing, sometimes they explode.

In/Visible Borders: New Mexico Photographers will be held jointly (although not concurrently) at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts at SFUAD and the Community Gallery at the Santa Fe Convention Center. Each venue provides a safe place to explore the, sometimes contentious, issues through the artwork on view and related programming. 19 photographers from across New Mexico are showing work that deals with the various social issues that make up life in the southwest. Each photographer shows 4 photographs; two at the Marion Center and 2 at the Community Gallery.

Exhibiting Photographers:


  1. Sharon Stewart (Chacon)
  2. Lauren Greenwald (Las Cruces)
  3. David Robin (Santa Fe)
  4. Michael Borowski (ABQ)
  5. Tamara Zibners (ABQ)
  6. Teresa Neptune (Santa Fe)
  7. Delilah Montoya (ABQ)
  8. Greg MacGregor (Santa Fe)
  9. Martin Stupich (ABQ)
  10. Tony Bonanno (Santa Fe)
  11. David Bram (ABQ)
  12. Kirk Gittings (ABQ)
  13. Carlan Tapp (Santa Fe)
  14. Patrick Nagatani (ABQ)
  15. Karen Kuehn (Peralta)
  16. Norman Mauskopf (Santa Fe)
  17. Mindy Jean-Paul (Santa Fe)
  18. David Michael Kennedy (El Rito)
  19. Jamey Stillings (Santa Fe)


Public Lectures:

October 24, 2013 / Industrial Landscapes

Martin Stupich & Jamey Stillings

 6 PM Tipton Hall

December 4, 2013  / Environmental & Community Issues /Carlan Tapp /  6 PM Community Gallery



The Southwestern Landscape 

with David Michael Kennedy 
July 24 - July 27, 2013


$50 Location Fee

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.

QUESTIONS? Call us at 505.983.1400 x11.

The American Southwest has long attracted artists eager to record its magnificent forms, light, and spirit. Photographers such as Timothy O’Sullivan, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Paul Strand, Eliot Porter, Laura Gilpin, and contemporary master David Michael Kennedy have traveled the deserts and mountains of New Mexico to make images of this magical place.

David’s approach to landscape photography focuses on the photographer’s relationship to the land. On daily field trips down back roads, we search for the elusive magic that lies beyond the obvious. David prefers to “chase the light” rather than plan a definite itinerary, because you never know how New Mexico’s ever-changing weather will affect the light and the skies. Designed for the serious photographer, the schedule includes discussions of technical information, demonstrations, and critiques, as well as one-on-one sessions with each participant.

Through long but enjoyable hours exploring and photographing the New Mexico landscape and the spirit that lives within it, participants arrive at their own personal discovery and visual interpretation of Mother Earth.


David Michael KennedyDavid Michael Kennedy attended Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, where he acquired the technical mastery that allows him to ...

© David Michael Kennedy

Landscape & NatureFine Art


Amateurs, Advanced Amateurs

Working knowledge of digital workflow and manual mode on your digital SLR camera


On-campus housing available. Click here for pricing information and suggestions for off-campus housing.

This workshop is "in season." Tuition includes meal plan; breakfast available for additional fee. Click here for information.



Nicholas Herrera and I will be in this show. Hope to see you at the opening














Dylan Show at Andrew Smith Gallery May 20 5-7PM



Santa Fe Photographic Workshop Environmental Portraits ?with David Michael Kennedy

February 20 – February 26 2011

TUITION: $1,175 FEES: $170 Model, Location, and Speaker Fee
Call us at 505.983.1400 x11.
or call David at: 575-581-9504
“An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings.” definition by Wikipedia
This workshop is for photographers who want to push beyond this definition to explore portraiture in new and challenging ways, gain insight into non-traditional ways of designing portraits, and discover creative modes of expanding their personal vision.
The week includes two days of traveling as a group to “off the grid” locations, where we have the opportunity to photograph many of the interesting people that David has come to know in his 25 years in Northern New Mexico. Initially, we work as a group, with David providing a demonstration of his approach. We learn how to focus our attention on every aspect of a portrait session, including finding a pathway into your subject’s spirit and enabling them to relax, feel safe, and trust you enough to give you the gift of a true and honest portrait. Then, we work individually with the portrait subjects specially selected for this workshop. The remaining time consists of daily assignments, critiques, and personal one-on-one sessions with David in the classroom.
Plan on long days and nights of hard work. This is an intense workshop where you are encouraged to break the rules. By breaking rules, you discover your own personal marriage of technique, style, and craziness, to help you redefine your outlook on portraiture and life.



Be sure to check out the studio tour this year.  For more information

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