Photographs :: Dancers of The Northern Pueblos (portfolio)



 Eight Palladium Photographs
David Michael Kennedy

Tesuque Buffalo Dancer   Nambe Spear Dancer
Picuris Deer Dancer   San Juan Eagle Dancer
Taos Hoop Dancer   Santa Clara Corn Dancer
Pojoaque Butterfly Dancer   San Ildefonso Kossa

It is my belief that a return to the old ways, or at the very least a remembrance of them, is the only hope for us. In a world gone mad with technology and "progress," we must learn to stop and remember our purpose here is not to control Nature but to be in balance with Her.

After 502 years of oppression, many Native Peoples of this continent have remained true to their Traditional Ways. This portfolio is my attempt to share some of that Tradition with you, in the hope of creating new ways of seeing and thinking about our Mother Earth. As impossible as it is to turn back the clock, it is also impossible to go forward without bringing with us the values and beliefs that allow us to live in harmony and beauty with our fellow creatures.

This portfolio consists of eight palladium prints, measuring seven and one half by seven and one quarter inches. Each photograph is handprinted by myself. "Rhythmic Prayers" was written by Cloud Eagle, a American Indian artist from the village of Nambe Pueblo. He is a teacher and a visionary who expresses a traditional anc contemporary elegance through his works of art and in his way of life. The printed pages where set in type and handprinted by letterpress at The Yolla Bolly Press, Covelo, California. The edition consists of thirty-five portfolios numbered 1 to 35, and four Artist's Proofs, numbered 1 to 4.

All written and photographic material contained within this portfolio is copyrighted.

© David Michael Kennedy 1994