Press Articles

  • Airstream life
    April 14, 2005
    Great story in Airstream Magazine about Heather and my Jounrey
  • Photographer's Forum
    July 14, 2004
    In 1986, photographer David Michael Kennedy and his family traded in the fast-paced, urban hurly-burly of the Big Apple for the dusty, laid back western town of Cerrillos, New Mexico.
  • Rangefinder Magazine
    June 1, 2004
    Santa Fe, New Mexico, photographer David Michael Kennedy is a firm believer that things, even what seem to be very bad things, happen for very good reasons.
  • Black and White Magazine
    April 15, 2001
    David Michael Kennedy took an enormous risk when he first began working on his current project of photographing American Indian dancers from the eight northern pueblos around his hometown of Santa Fe.
  • Studio Photography and Design Magazine
    March 15, 2000
    Driving down a winding road toward Zuma Beach, California one day, David Michael Kennedy found himself giggling out loud.
  • Shutterbug Magazine
    February 15, 2000
    Cows roam randomly over dirt roads. It's a long way from Broadway. David Michael Kennedy life is too short to fritter it away in a place where he can not fulfill his dreams
  • British Journal of Photography
    January 12, 2000
    The site has already won many awards and includes sections on his portfolios - including landscape and portraiture - information on the workshops he runs, in particular platinum printing, and, being no shrinking violet, a comprehensive biog section and collection of press cuttings
  • Katonah Gallery Press Release
    November 1, 1999
    The Gallery at the Katonah General Store will present 30 years of portraiture work by the noted photographer David Michael Kennedy
  • "THE" Magazine Interview
    August 1, 1999
    How did you start making photographs of sacred dances of the American Indians?
  • Pasatiempo Magazine
    July 30, 1999
    Eagle feathers swirl as the Native American dancer moves to ancient rhythms.