Press Articles

  • Pentax Life Magazine
    July 18, 1991
    Our Pentax Pro is David Michael Kennedy. His work is a delight for the eye. You owe yourself a look at his photographs. He is one of the few commercial photographers who makes no distinction between his personal fine art photography and his paid commercial photography. We are proud to present his fine photographs for your enjoyment. Ernst L. Wehausen, Editorial Consultant
  • New Mexico Magazine
    October 15, 1990
    Big City Photographer Shifts Focus
  • Photo Society of Daytona Beach Community College
    July 15, 1989
    The DBCC Gallery of Fine Arts Trecently held its 8th Annual Bike Week Photographic Workshop, led by David Michael Kennedy
  • East Mountain Telegraph
    February 9, 1988
    I drove my junker into Cerrillos. Why, I asked myself as my car bumped over pot-holes, would a guy who photographed Bob Dylan move from Manhattan to dusty little Cerrillos?
  • Photographers Forum Magazine
    July 18, 1986
    David Michael Kennedy walks out of his darkroom, enthusiastically exclaiming, "There's something so special about palladium printing, and the making of the emulsion ... the quality of the print is beautiful, there is nothing like it. . . "
  • Photo Design Magazine
    January 15, 1986
    "David came up with this great scam to break into the record business," says former CBS art director John Berg.