Platinum / Palladium Workshop

Please view the video for an in
depth look at the workshop. 

This workshop is limited to one student at a time that will live and work at my home/studio in El Rito, New Mexico an hour and a half North of Santa Fe in the middle of the Carson National Forest.

Each day will be spent working with me in the darkroom with your negatives, printing your own work.

This is a hands-on very intensive workshop, designed so that you leave with a strong working knowledge of the process and a foundation that will allow you to return home and continue to work within the process. You will have 24 hour access to the darkroom and I hope you’ll be in there for many enjoyable hours.

You must have negatives or digital files to work with before you come to New Mexico. I work with in camera negatives as well as enlarged negatives so your original negatives can be any format and if necessary you will learn how to make enlarged negative either by the analogue or digital process- your choice.

The tuition for this workshop is $5,000.00 for the 5 days plus tax. This includes room and board and transportation to and from the airport. There is a minium  additional lab fee of $500.00 for Palladium only and $600.00 for Platinum and Palladium. This will depend on the size and amount of prints you wish to make.
A portfolio and personal phone conversation with David are required for admission.

For a more detailed description and instructions see the Technical Notes On Platinum/Palladium Printing

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