Technical Papers for Platinum/Palladium Printing

David Michael Kennedy

Updated 12/12/2019

I hope you find this helpful; it is the worksheet I use in my workshops and is updated all the time, in my darkroom as things change daily.  I will try to update this every so often.  Nothing here is gospel and may not work for you.  It is only a guide as you follow the winding path of Platinum/Palladium Printing.  Remember this works in MY darkroom and may not in yours!   If anyone ever tells you there is only one way to do anything in this process or gives you an absolute, you know they are not someone to believe.  There are no are absolutes within this process and no way is better than another.  If it works for you it's right.  It all depends on the infinite factors within your darkroom and your life.  Try them all and find your path.  Feel free to email questions!

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