New Mexico Landscape Workshop with David Michael Kennedy
August 2022

Seeking to improve my ability to capture the beauty of the American west through photography, I signed up for David Michael Kennedy’s New Mexico Landscape Workshop. In responding to David’s pre-workshop questionnaire, I wrote “I’d like to learn how to photograph a place like Chaco canyon. How do you photograph Chaco canyon—or any place visited by thousands or millions of people—in a way that is different from all the snapshots that you can find on the internet?”

“Less is more,” was David’s first lesson. Although several of the sites on the workshop were wonderful destinations for photography– such as Chaco Canyon, El Malpais and City of Rocks State Park – we also spent many hours travelling in David’s camper over bumpy back-roads, looking at the detail and geometry of clouds, rocks, trees, and buildings. We spent hours wandering through abandoned towns, inspecting collapsing cabins, rusting cars, old churches, broken windows, dilapidated structures, and discarded items. I never realized it could be so exhilarating to discover in a deserted homesite and photograph an old children’s bicycle leaning against a falling wooden fence with a backdrop of billowing clouds! All the while David was at my side – often peering over my shoulder at the back screen on my camera, training teaching me how to see and capture in a photographic image the visual essence and emotional content of a scene. It is no exaggeration or cliché to say that I after spending a week with David I see the world differently than I did before the workshop.  

Part of the value of this workshop is that David brings you into his home and makes you a part of his life in New Mexico – you drive, walk, eat, sleep, take pictures, and talk together for many hours. David will also introduce you to “locals” he knows at various places along the route of the workshop (no matter where you go, he will know someone). Thanks to David, during the week of the workshop I felt connected to the people and landscape of New Mexico, which made me a better photographer there. As he observed me, David also offered many recommendations on how to improve my technical skills, which I believe will help me in any type of photography. This workshop will be of tremendous benefit for anyone interested in not only improving their technical photography skills, but in learning how to capture the spirit and convey the emotion of people, places, and things through photographic images.         

 Dan M. Berkovitz

Bethesda, Maryland




On the Road with David Michael Kennedy

May 2022

 One morning in Santa Fe I picked up brochure of workshops with David Michael Kennedy and was absolutely blown away by the work that was shown. It was exactly the genre of rural New Mexico and the types of photographs that I wanted to learn to make. I immediately called David, we talked like old friends, and I arranged for a workshop with him. I loved the fact that his workshop is one on one and that he listens carefully to what you want to learn and understands your preferences. He also spends a good deal of time exploring what you know and what you do not so that the week in absolutely customized to your needs.

David and I agreed that I wanted a mix of portrait experience and rural landscape. We agreed to travel in New Mexico in his trusty Dodge pickup with camper, spending nights in state and national parks. It was outstanding- there is nothing like waking up in the nature that you are trying to photograph. Traveling in this manner also allowed us to photograph both early and late and still afforded time for review and critique each evening. The days were long but exceptionally interesting.

We spent the day I arrived at his wonderfully comfortable home in El Rito and he arranged for me to photograph two friends who made very memorable subjects. The next day we were off to Chaco Canyon where we spent a day and a half photographing the abandoned pueblos of this National Historic Park. One of the things that I liked was that David and I were photographing side by side-it was immensely helpful to see how he approached a shot and what he thought was interesting. From there we were on to City of Rocks, with stops in a few small towns. One of the benefits of being on the road, was there was lots of time to talk. We discussed photography, equipment, our views of life, his interest in Native American cultures and too many other topics to name. I felt that I had made a close friend, almost instantly, which made the workshop less of a formal lesson and more of an adventure. In all we drove close to nine hundred miles through breathtaking scenery and at each stop there was an opportunity to gain more practical experience.

Perhaps the most important thing that David teaches you is that you design a photograph. You make a picture rather than taking a picture which, for me, fundamentally changes my approach to photography. I have taken several workshops before, but this one was extraordinary. I would do this again (and will) in a heartbeat.

Stewart Paperin

Manhattan Beach, California



Five Days Working with David Michael Kennedy

November, 2021

An experience I will never forget. Firstly, there was a lot of thoughtful preparation for our “adventure”. What did I want to gain from the experience? What was my skill set? Food preference? And so on---.

And like all great adventures, there were detours and the unexpected.
So,the original itinerary had to be adjusted. We spent the first day delving into the digital world and helping me become familiar with a newly acquired Leica Q2 Monochrom. David was so patient ( he is not a digital fan). Then off we went photographing around the property, El Rito, nearby villages and abandoned or forgotten sites.

We spent two days in Chaco Cultural National Historic Park; then after fetching Cody from Taos,took the high road to Truchas and Chimayo.

At the end of each day, we reviewed all the images and David offered very helpful suggestions regarding composition, lighting, etc.

What I learned from this experience was basically two fundamental concepts: David stressed the “art of seeing” David taught me how to “make” a picture- not just take a picture.

I would highly recommend taking a workshop from David It will be a transformative experience.

Susan Delgalvis

Grand Junction, Colorado




David Michael Kennedy Platinum/Palladium Workshop

21 – 27 August 2021

 One of my fellow students in Alternative Processes class handed me a brochure regarding David Michael Kennedy’s Platinum Palladium workshop in El Rito, NM. At that time I had been working in the alternative processes and had decided that the Platinum Palladium process was the fit for my style of work. Though I was getting good results and was content with my images, I wanted to know more, do better. After reading the brochure and looking at his website, I decided to go for it. I contacted David and we set up a week, unintentionally at the beginning of the Covid pandemic. There are no words to express David’s understanding, kindness and generosity when we had to decide to delay the class for another year.

 The year passed and David picked me up at the airport in Albuquerque and drove me out into the wild blue yonder, past the sights of layers of mountains, pink and blue skies, shrubs, washes and the Rio Grande as far as the eye could see, out past where most people would dare to live.

 I began the classes thinking I knew something (which I did) about the PT/PD process, only to find out how much more I needed to learn. My greatest learning curve was the making of the negatives and David was a most patient teacher. He walked me through the steps, gave me the technical papers to do it myself, all the while at my side reminding me when I got lost and I soon found I was going through the steps and then checking the notes to confirm I was doing it correctly. David’s patience with me was outstanding. I was much more comfortable moving the images through the developer, the wash, the clearing baths, etc., and yet he was always there if I had a question.

 The living and working environment was remarkable. David’s home, studio (and Cody) and the surrounding environment made for a comfortable atmosphere in which to concentrate on the classes. I am anxious to start taking the lessons I was given and putting them to work in my environment. My deepest thanks.

Sandy Lloyd

David Michael Kennedy Landscape Workshop

August 9th. -13, 2021

My husband and I recently attended a landscape workshop by David Michael Kennedy.  It was a great experience. David started by sending us a questionnaire so he would know what we wanted to learn and how we wanted to progress our skills.  He also requested copies of our photos that we like and those that did not turn out as we planned.   With that information, and our creature comforts in mind, David planned an outstanding curriculum including review of the photos we sent, basics on how he shoots, plus ideas and assistance in taking and processing the photos we took during the workshop.    Some of the things we appreciated during our weeklong class was the fact he shot with the same type of equipment we did.   He discussed possible shots, took example photos and explained how he framed the photograph while we were at the shooting site.   During the entire process he actively encouraged questions plus listen and observed reactions.  It was a wonderful and enlightening learning experience.  Thank you David for sharing your experience and knowledge.
Arit Pike


Thank you again for the effort you put into adapting our workshop time to weather and covid constraints and the desires and deficiencies of your student!

A key before and after for me will be continuing the move away from representation and toward interpretation in my work. To throw a few more words around this, when considering making an image, I now see the value in a slow, considered examination of what I find engaging in the cube of reality I see and will photograph to capture my thought/vision/emotion, not simply the things - the physical elements - arrayed before me. Initial image capture as a step toward representation of an idea means that concept/subject/emotion will guide decisions on illumination, framing, depth of field, selective focus, etc. as opposed to maximum utilization of camera specs for resolution and dynamic range.

More specific to workshop execution, I found the mix of image capture and image review – in the field and back in the studio well balanced and very helpful. The diversity of field locations worked very well for me and again, thanks so much for helping us stand in front of so many interesting places. Thanks also for the creature comforts!
Very best regards,
Duane Chisholm


David Michael Kennedy Platinum/Palladium Workshop

January 7-11, 2020

 It was the dusk of the evening on the fifth day. The northern New Mexico countryside was awash in that golden light that is particular to this part of the country. I was heading by car to Bodes in Abiquiu to get us a bottle of wine to go with dinner. I suddenly realized as I looked at the landscape around me that for the past 5 days it had been a complete stranger to me. When I entered the compound that is David Michael Kennedy’s world that Monday evening I had not ventured out again. I had been completely immersed in a very special place: a place of study, creativity, history, encouragement, companionship, good food, and, most of all, fun. I never once missed the outside world.

 David and I had just completed our review of my notes and had packed up my collection of images and my negatives from the workshop securely between two pieces of masonite. This was truly valuable cargo! Most of these images I had completed myself in the darkroom after David’s gentle and patient teaching. It, in many ways, brought me back to the best of medical school. It helped to read through his material ahead of time, and to look at a few tutorials on YouTube, just so I was not completely in the dark when in the darkroom. This is not something you can really learn by reading books and looking at videos; there is too much “feel” and nuance to the process to master it without experience.

 We started at the very beginning of his particular process for making palladium prints, going through each step in the creation of a palladium print. His teaching method is simple in concept; he explained what we were about to do, and he then showed me how to do it. Next he watched me do it several times and gently pointed out what was wrong or needed improvement. Finally, he turned me loose to do it myself, but he was always nearby and ready to answer questions and help if I had a question. He would also just show up and look over my shoulder. As with most skills consistency and repetition were the keys to success. This process is complicated, demanding and somewhat finnicky to be sure; but the joy of creating by hand a unique one-of-a-kind piece of art from your own image cannot be described. You have to experience it.

 On a personal level I cannot thank David enough for giving so much of himself to me in the experience of the tutorial. It cannot be easy taking a stranger into your home, working and living with someone you do not know. The beauty of it is that David is so hospitable that I soon felt I had known him all my life.

 Days are long and extend into the evenings—there is a lot to learn. Even so, there is plenty of time to share all sorts of thoughts and experiences, and not just about photography.

 It’s rural New Mexico, even though the compound is in “the middle of town.” I got to help feed the chickens and gather eggs for breakfast, care for a hurt rabbit and spoil the one and only Cody the golden retriever who rules the roost. The accommodations (in a 250 year-old adobe house with foot-thick walls) are very comfortable with a comfy double bed in a beautiful room, airy and light and quite private; a great bathtub and shower, and fresh brewed coffee waiting in the kitchen every morning. Internet is available but be forewarned: in this part of the world, cell service can be dicey. There is a land line if reliable communication is needed. I took the opportunity to unplug for a week and did not regret it at all.

 If you are looking to do something unique to move your photography forward and you have a love of the “Art and Craft of Photography” do yourself a huge favor and come spend a week learning a little something with one of Masters of the Art. You will not regret it for an instant and if you are lucky like I was you will lose yourself in the experience and carry home a new found love of photography—not to mention acquire a new skill with which to share that love with the rest of the world.

Stephen L. Golder, M.D.
Lookout Mountain, TN


Location Workshop

"My photo expedition with David Michael Kennedy is the best I have ever taken. It would have taken me years to find these amazing locations. Not only were the locations great, but having David there makes it so much better. He has an amazing knowledge of the local area and culture as well as the photography knowledge to get your creative juices flowing. The bonus is just having David to talk to about life, photography, and anything else. It was never a dull moment. Oh, and the dark skies at night are amazing! It can’t get any better than this, photography, great conversations, and cooking over a campfire and enjoying the outdoors."

Darrell Etter


 December 18th, 2019

Platinum/Palladium Workshop

 My name is Siddho,(Hans Gebhardt)

To everybody interested in photography and more specific in the platinum/ palladium printing process....

 Just before Christmas in 2019 I signed up to do a printing workshop with David Michael Kennedy which took place about an hour away from Santa Fe, N.M. Needless to say the small village he is living and working in is located in a gorgeous New Mexican landscape. The accommodation are generously big and comfortable, the food excellent but even more important is the invitation by David to share a weeklong living and working experience in his home and studio/darkroom.

 I was guided through the whole process. Starting with mixing the chemicals to mounting the finished prints. David has developed his own way of creating prints, which speak his own language (from taking the image to the final presentation). After the initial introduction which is vastly comprehensive he stepped more and more in the background but stayed always close by and was immediately available for any kind of questions. he laid the basic understanding of the platinum/palladium process for me, leaving me open to develop my own “style”.

 This was an experience I don’t want to miss which certainly helped me a lot to explore a vision I had for a long time and translated it into a reality.

Equally important to me is also that I found a new friend.

 Thank you David,



     Doing a workshop with you has meant a lot to me. It was not only about bringing my photography a big step further and beginning a new path in expressing myself with the camera, but also an important personal experience. Sharing your vision of life, your art and knowledge, provided with generosity, patience, and enthusiasm has made this Workshop unique!
     From the very first moment every minute was important and intense, as well as extremely pleasant. Thanks to your effective and dynamic teaching method: analysis, comparisons, practice between us, your wise direction on how to move the camera… and only after that, up to the fields to deal with models and landscapes. Always attentive at my shifts, my framings, prepared to help me to get the best of the session and at the same time leaving me the freedom to do errors and to learn, taking at every moment a personal approach to my needs.  I also appreciated how every evening we downloaded our daily work, we edited, developed, and finally analyzed it, sometimes until really late. Yours was an invaluable full time dedication that even included solving the intricate problems of my  Lightroom´s software.
     As days pass I recall every moment, every trip, every meal, so agreeable, so interesting and so familiar. Chatting about photography and about life. You are not only a great master but one of the most authentic and empathic person I’ve ever met.
     Thanks for this extraordinary week in El Rito with you, Cody and all the endearing Folks I met during my stay. In your historic, cosy and charming house, and your awesome studio, surrounded by your fantastic prints. It all has just been magical. I really feel very close to everyone of you     With no doubt the best Workshop I have ever done!

Veronica Velasco Barthel
Madrid (Spain)
Novembre 2018

 Platinum/Palladium Workshop

Jon Cone
Cone Editions Press
17 Powder Spring Road

Topsham, Vermont  05076

April 13, 2015

Dear David,
I’m not certain if it’s possible to thank you as fully as I should. Not because I’m in capable. Rather it is the amount of information that you gave, the amount of time, the amount of knowledge – that are each so immense – that I fear it is not possible to thank you in as reciprocal a manner. So, I will thank you every time I make a palladium print. I will thank you each time I consider making my new darkroom. I will thank you each time I enter it. I will thank you each time I utter the word, palladium.

The workshop was well beyond my expectations. Everything I ever wanted to know about Pt/Pd, you delivered in exceptionally easy explanations and examples. Your methodology for teaching is so perfectly understandable. Watching you and then your watching me suited my way of learning. I learned also how incredibly patient you are – and that will influence how I teach going forward. And finally, how trusting you were of me in your darkroom when I was finally able to work unattended (mostly) – well that was priceless. You even gave me the room to learn by my own mistakes. My final day of working in your darkroom was thrilling. All of the fantastic work that you have produced in there… It was such a treat to work in your darkroom. And also to live in your house. I couldn’t make this stuff up. This was all pinch me I’m dreaming type of stuff.

 I can’t imagine that anyone else would offer a workshop of this nature. Partly, I was drawn to you because of your work – but also I enjoyed initially “meeting” you in your Vimeo video. And true to life I found the man, the myth, and the legend (I bet you hate hearing that) to be an incredible man of mythical and legendary status who is one of the most down-to-earth, real souls that I’ve ever encountered.

 Above all, at 57, it’s hard for me to find influences and game changers. You have altered my path to be sure – and in the most “bestest” way.  To the Me so pre-occupied with black – you have introduced the possibility of convincing black – of not really quite black – of do I really need black? I return back to Vermont to my Piezography printing warm carbon; missing incredibly the hot developer and pure palladium. More than anything – I miss the friendship that we developed.

Jacquelyn Rei is an incredible partner to you. She nourished me to be sure. But, her eye was well appreciated when she looked at my work. I felt her encouragement throughout and I thought that she completed the best workshop on this planet. Jacquelyn Rei is the fifth element.

 If I could sum up my experience with one sentence I would say that this is it. David Michael Kennedy, you give the best workshop in the industry! 
All my best,
Jon Cone

Cone Editions Press
The Piezography Website and Blog


Platinum/Palladium Workshop with David Michael Kennedy
October 2017

There's really no better way to learn than to be immersed, and this workshop is immersion in the most wonderful way, a pocket of time and space away from "regular life" where I got to live in the darkroom and breathe the work every waking moment.

I learned an extraordinary amount during my workshop with David. There is absolutely no way I could have learned the equivalent on my own, via books and the internet, or even through group workshops, without spending exponentially more time and money - and probably not even then. The value of the one-on-one factor cannot be overstated. The sheer amount of information, technique, and troubleshooting I learned on both the digital side (for negs) and chemistry side (for prints) is hard to measure and define, except to say that by the end of my workshop with DMK, I was incredibly proud of my work and confident to set up a pt/pd darkroom at home and continue on with this wonderful process.

David's home, studio, and darkroom are gorgeous and welcoming, and I was able to work as much as I wished. Each day, I stayed up later and later and later and woke earlier and earlier and earlier, too excited and stimulated to succumb to the tedium of sleep. I'd tiptoe to the studio/darkroom at 4am, practice what I'd learned the day before, and then, at a more sane hour, be joined by DMK for a solid 12+ hours of instruction. David is smart, kind, and generous. He knows a ton and is willing to share it. Working with him was not just educational, it was also really fun.

Bonus: David is an excellent chef and the meals he cooked (catering to my dietary needs and special requests) were so damn good. Having such delicious meals made for me - what I wanted, when I wanted it - was an unexpected luxury. Bonus bonus: Exquisite hot springs 20 minutes away.

I'm so glad that after years of wanting to do this workshop, I put it into action and did it. It was a highlight of a great year, the foundation on which to build a new body of work, and the memories are exceptional. Thank you, David!!

Shreve Stockton


When investigating workshops to learn platinum/palladium printing, I was drawn to David Kennedy’s website.  Having now spent a week with David and his better half, Rei, I am extremely glad I sprung for the extra cost versus lesser expensive group workshops elsewhere. The value gained working with David far exceeded the cost of the “workshop.”  It was really a mini-apprenticeship as I spent all day and into the night working side by side with David.  There were no time limits as the darkroom was open day and night and he would work with me as long as I wanted to.  He is obviously a master of the platinum/palladium process and shares all his hard-earned secrets with you.  Having work he has produced over the years a few feet away in his gallery allowed easy reference to various variables in the process such as different mounting techniques, tones and borders. I left feeling very confident in setting up my own platinum/palladium darkroom and ready to print on my own.  Not to be forgotten is the wonderful hospitality and gourmet food both Rei and he provided.  I had a nice, private upstairs room in their house which was very roomy and comfortable.  And I must mention Cody, the canine companion who was always available to give you his loving attention.  If you are serious about learning platinum/palladium printing and want to learn while having a very enjoyable week with two wonderful people, I highly, highly recommend this workshop.  If you aren’t yet that serious about this process and don’t want to work, then I wouldn’t waste your money and David’s time as neither one of you will be happy.


David Dennard


Well David, what can I say?  I had a wonderful two weeks with you and learned an amazing new process.
     With regards to the Landscape/Portrait Workshop, David, the places you took me to in New Mexico, the people you introduced me to and the photographs I was able to make were, simply, amazing.  Touring the small towns of NM with you was a pleasure and I was able to see things I would have never seen on my own. The experiences were rich with history and culture and I really appreciate the time you invested in preparing and scouting.  Thank you.
     With regards to the Platinum/Palladium workshop I can only say you made me a convert.  Being able to make prints in your darkroom was priceless and the knowledge you shared, and conveyed, was outstanding.  I certainly attained the goal that I set out for myself in learning to understand the process enough to take it back with me and set up my own capabilities. I was able to exceed my goal of coming away with a number of prints.  Your technique and teaching methods allowed me to come away with prints that I have already sold, within four weeks of the workshop!  Thank you so much.
     Jacquelyn Rei, the hospitality and food was amazing.  Thank you so much for the care you put into every meal.  You were a treasure and I am so glad I was able to meet you.  Your knowledge about photography was a welcomed addition to the two weeks I spent with you and David.
     To close out, I simply loved the two weeks in New Mexico.  If there are aspiring students looking for time in New Mexico to photograph, David is the person to look to for the back roads and places only locals would know and be able to share.  If you are looking to learn more about the platinum/palladium process there is no better place to learn than in David Michael Kennedy's darkroom with a master printer. You'll also receive the hospitality from two of the most generous people in New Mexico. The food and conversations will be amazing and you'll will walk away with new found friends and a lifetime of memories.
Larry D. Hayden
A Quiet Landscape


 July 20,2015

In the weeks that have passed since my Pt/Pd workshop, I’ve had many moments to relive my “El Rito Dream”. I truly cannot express, nor find the words that completely capture my gratitude for your generosity of mind and creative spirit-some things are just beyond the scope of words.  Nonetheless, I am compelled to share a few highlights of my experience.

 Entering into a class with limited experience of the Pt/Pd process, clearly, was not an issue. You carefully and so patiently guided my process, through the mistakes; the countless questions, the tech issues (sorry about breaking everything) and the long workdays. I found myself completely at ease watching you explain your process; then, with tech notes in hand; you turned it over to me. In that moment the first image dropped into the steaming hot developer, I was hooked (I may never go back to silver). The velvet, rich brownish-black and the latte tones, undeniably, reflect the organic, earthy soul that surrounds your world- I thank you.

 Unconditionally, opening your world, your home and your studio, really, who does that? When I describe the abundance of food, conversations and peace found in your sanctuary, I also find myself telling others, “I’m really not making this up, it was that amazing there”. Not to mention, working in your space. WOW! A place where timeless images are created and displayed is beyond an ordinary experience. Just walking in the footsteps of someone who has mastered the craft, is a rare and generous gift- I thank you. 

 Finally, for those that look at your website, contemplating enrolling in one of your workshops, I go back to the quote found on the main page of your site:

  A Beggar had been sitting by the side of the road for over 30 years. When a stranger walked by, “spare some change?” the beggar asked holding up his old baseball cap. I have nothing to give you the stranger replied.  Then the stranger asked, “What are you sitting on?” “Nothing” replied the beggar “just an old box that I’ve been sitting on for as long as I can remember”. “Ever look inside?” asked the stranger. “No” said the beggar “what’s the point? There is nothing inside” insisted the beggar. “Have a look inside” insisted the stranger. The beggar managed to pry open the lid with astonishment, disbelief and elation he saw the box was full of gold. I am that stranger who has nothing to give you and is telling you to look inside, not inside any box but somewhere even closer inside yourself.

 The beggar and the stranger story became understood at the completion of your course. You have a gift that draws out the best in your students; you have an eye that sees the world through a lens of robust peace; and you have a legacy that others can only dream of creating. My “El Rito Dream was indeed, an experience of a lifetime- one that will live in the spirit of my work and shared along the way- I thank you.
With gratitude,

Jackie Tonhouse


The Palladium printing workshop with Kennedy was fun, yet no nonsense. Attendees are able to benefit from his decades of experience as a photographer fully immersed in his craft and learn from his hands-on practical experience. Palladium or platinum printing is more than an art, it is also part alchemy, which always seems like a bit of magic to us mere mortals. There are so many variables to getting a good print that it generally drives regular people a bit crazy, and they throw up their arms in frustration at the illogic of it all and go back to other photographic media. Kennedy has figured out a lot of this for us, including a few tricks up his sleeve that are quite cool. There is no way that I could have figured out the nuances of palladium printing from a book. Some things you just need to learn from another person, and Kennedy is the go to guy. I was able to make a variety of prints in the brief time I was with him, and able to go off on my own and do it by myself quite confident that I can not only make good prints, but can also troubleshoot when the need arises. It was one of my best experiences as a photographer in years. Not only that, but he has music tapes sent personally from Bob Dylan, how cool is that? Thank you David!
-Larry McNeil
Professor of Photography
Boise State University

A Photographic Journey, The Southwest Landscape Workshop with David Michael Kennedy
If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter approach to landscape photography, then read no further because this workshop is anything but ordinary. I have spent many years exploring and photographing the Southwest and really wasn’t looking for a workshop when I ran across David’s work. But his photographs resonated strongly with me and we began a dialog about working together. My interests were very focused on visually interpreting the spiritual aspects of Northern New Mexico and North Eastern Arizona. David gave this a considerable amount of thought and then proposed a route that would eventually take us on a photographic journey that greatly exceeded my expectations. 

During our time together, David challenged my way of seeing the landscape. He didn’t do this in a way that diminished or devalued my personal style but rather enhanced and refined it. Having been involved in photographic education for most of my adult life, I was acutely aware that not all teachers can do this. David didn’t try and make me into something I wasn’t, he took the time to understand my vision and then help me advance it. I found that his insights and approach to the landscape helped reveal the deeper meanings associated with what we were seeing. 

David is not only an extraordinary photographer and teacher but also a genuine human being that cares about the people and world around him. I can’t recommend a workshop with him enough, you won’t be disappointed. 
-Greg Barnett, Rochester NY

I arrived in the winter with a few feet of snow on the ground. Holed up (in the middle of somewhere), I delightfully worked all week in a well-equipped darkroom. David tailored the Palladium workshop around my experience, interest, and what I wanted to get out of it. I did not have to go along with a laid out curriculum like so many workshops, and I could work all night if I wanted to. I found David to be patient and interested in helping to resolve my printing issues and even enlisted help from other folks within his network to help solve my issues. One on one time with an established artist willing to completely share the wisdom of their trade is the type of mentoring our society needs more of, and that is what this type of workshop offers. Some things really can’t be figured out on the internet. I’ve done several workshops in my 20 year career as a photographer and artist and the time I spent at David’s was by far the most productive, and enjoyable.
-Kelly Clampitt


I had been teaching myself Palladium printing for over a year. Using books, the internet, and a college professor or two I had hit a wall and was veryunhappy with the quality of my prints. I went searching for workshops andlanded on David's website. I was instantly impressed and intrigued with thebeautiful work and also really happy to see that David teachesPalladium/Platinum printing workshops.I contacted David about the workshop where we talked in depth about my goals and objectives. It was clear that David was intent on making the workshop fit me and not the other way around. We agreed on a schedule and three weeks later I was on my way to New Mexico.From the time I arrived at David's I was made to feel completely welcome. David had my favorite foods and snacks ready, a detailed agenda tailored to me, and I had full run of the place.Each day of my week with David was full. David taught, then left it to me to carry that instruction forward all the while providing guidance where needed.I created negatives, prepared the papers, coated papers and was ready to expose and process; all under David's careful and knowledgeable guidance. Then the moment of truth...into the developer went my first print.My first print FAR exceeded in beauty and quality any prints I had produced before. The first print actually exceeded my expectations of the workshop(and I was still only in the second of five days)! The next days were spent fine tuning my understanding of the pricess and producing new images. David was there to give feedback and suggestions where needed but he also left me to work on my own as I built my skills and confidence. 
The week ended too soon and as I left I had gained immeasurable knowledge in many, many different areas of photography and print making. Was the time and investment worth it? Yes, every second and every penny.
Highlights: Lobster dinner, custom meals, thought-provoking conversations, encouragement, challenges to be better, attention to detail, great company and a really great time.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.
www. John Kleineberg aka John Milton


My workshop experience with David Michael Kennedy was unique and well timed in my professional development. An "on the road" experience, David's workshop included photography in dramatic wilderness settings, critiques of various techniques, and great meals around the campfire. Among the highlights of these workshops is the opportunity to learn patience in twilight and mixed weather photography, as well as scouting out sites for photo shoots off the beaten path. I would recommend working and studying with David for any photographer serious about honing their craft. I have been a professional photographer for nearly 20-years.
-Jeremy G. Landau

I had an incredible time working with and learning from you. There aren't many people like yourself willing to share their experience on such a personal level. More than anything, I will never forget the people you shared with me and how each of them has shaped me and my work going forward. I thank you for trusting me around people that mean so much to you.
Thanks again for sharing such an incredible and educational experience with me. I wish you the best with the new studio and look forward to seeing it on my return trip.
Take care,
Luke Schiltz

Just a quick note to say once again my photographic workshop experience in Santa Fe proved to be nothing less than 100% inspirational, challenging and fulfilling. Tremendous class, DMK is a brilliant teacher magnificent experience.
-Maggie Heydth

I could work as much or as little as I wanted I gained some great insight in general from David. He was exactly the kind of instructor I was hoping for- he is very genuine.
-Susan Munroe

In 1993 I attended a one on one workshop with renowned photographer David Michael Kennedy. The workshop was an intense learning experience with a large amount of information to be absorbed and hands on approach to produce platinum-palladium prints. Discipline and wit were the ingredients for the best educational experience I have had in my career. The workshop became a turning point in my career, my exposure to David’s commitment and passion for the medium, his unparallel professionalism gave me the tools and vision to pursue my work with renewed enthusiasm. His teachings to this day are the foundation for the continued practice of platinum-palladium printing in Australia and his influence can be seen in the work of some of the country’s best photographic artists.
-Maurice Ortega
Director Queensland Centre for Photography, Australia

What is workshop with David about?
David workshop is about philosophy of photography, about the little simple, but so important things. He can "only" help you to see and learn more, of course if you are ready for it. I would like to have so much passion after 40 years of photography. Yes, this workshop is about forty years of his passion and life experiences!
- Tomek Niewiadomski from Poland

My time with David Michael Kennedy was one of the best learning experiences of my life. David is, first of all, a real master of his craft. The week with him was intense, funny, frustrating (David will gladly let you learn from your own mistakes) and all carefully crafted to have you leave with everything you need to find your own way in the challenging field of platinum-palladium printing. David is a generous teacher, giving freely of his immense experience, but is always open to listen to the "What would happen if..." questions and try things a different way just to see what would happen. He's remained a resource over many years and has always been quick to respond to any questions that have come up over time. OK, now for Tom Feher: I've been a fine art photographer for about twenty years, and a platinum-palladium printer for about ten of those. Unfortunately, I developed a very severe reaction to something (nobody really knows what) in the darkroom and have had to go completely digital. I still love the way platinum-palladium looks, and my digital work reflects that.
-Tom Feher

The best workshop I have ever attended.
-Edmond Golbeck

DMK invested an incredible amount of emotional energy in his interactions with me. Thoughtful, perceptive, and very supportive; yet able to challenge me to see more clearly than I ever have before. A real step toward a new plateau. Actually being around a pro like DMK shooting in his own element is one of the most stimulating highs I have experienced.
-Alan Stoker

DMK takes his teaching seriously, has patience and shares his knowledge generously. David gave a new perspective on landscape photography. His enthusiasm was infectious and his patience seemed endless. Is tomorrow too soon to do it again?
-Flossie Davie

DMK was extremely accessible at all times-very approachable and helpful and open to others' ideas and methods.
-Bill Massey Eastman Kodak

I just returned to New York after spending one of the most rewarding and inspirational weeks in my life. While Santa Fe itself is very magical, I believe the it was the magic of David's untiring energy, and his gift of whole heartily giving himself beyond the call of duty that made the week so valuable. DMK was absolutely the best. This workshop will be with me for a lifetime and will probably change my whole career.
-Christina Lord

I just wanted to say thanks. DMK has changed the way I see and do portraits. In just one week I learned from you what I wanted to know for 15 years. It’s like a little light was turned on for me aesthetically- I'll never do portraits the same again. My negatives are now looking great for the first time. Damn the rules—full speed ahead!!! You are quite an inspiration and I hope to take another class or session next year.
-Marcus Glenn Dotson

I took my first workshop in palladium printing with David in 2008 at his upstate NY studio. He was so awesome, just so dedicated and generous with his knowledge and a real good teacher. I worked very late hours and basically designed my own workshop with David’s encouragement to do so. I really learned how to make beautiful palladium prints’ from him and was able to go back to my studio and work successfully. He was also always available by phone or email for any questions I had. Since then I came twice to El Rito, this magic town, working in David’s magic studio and DR. His dark room and studio are roomy, very well equipped with everything you will need. Last time I came to work there as an artist in residence and just got so much done. David is there when you need him but you have total freedom and you can work as late as you need to. He is approachable at any time for questions and problem solving. The mornings are gorgeous, (the chickens lay eggs and David brings them in and cooks them for you a la carte.) David is a special, sensitive talented artist and human being. You will just gain so much by working with him, and being around his artwork and in his space is great. His place is wonderful and David is a true inspiration.
And El Rito is another story. Go see it…. And stop by David’s.
-Loli Kantor

You were and are an awesome teacher. I believe I've sent a testimonial once before. Maybe it was eaten in cyberspace.
YOU WERE AND - IT TRUST - STILL ARE AMAZING. I talk about you all the time.
So, mirror mirror on the wall, who's the best platinum teacher of all....
Well, I've done three workshops and each of them taught me many valuable skills. David's was excellent. He was candid and extremely helpful, and it sure is thanks to him that I continue printing. But my other two teachers were equally important to me and each gave me insights that I would not want to live without.
All the best David,
If you need it in a more formal way, I will do it again.

V.Tony Hauser


Having previously taken 3 photo workshops in th USA this was to be my first one on one workshop experience. If that wasn't enough, I was flying in from Hong Kong to live in the home of a perfect stranger for seven straight days and nights. How bad could it possibly be?
Well, nothing prepared me for bbq'd lobster dinners, eggs bendict on tap and enough tequila, should you feel inclined, to render all darkroom failures a distant, hazy headache. However, such was the expert instruction and guidance that all the tequila consumed was purely celebratory. David, beyond being the perfect host, made learning the process a relative breeze.

I entered into the darkroom with no expectations of creating a decent print, just the intention if learning as much as I could. Whereas in fact I left with a huge portfolio of prints, half of which sold immediately upon my arrival back home.
This workshop is only as good as what you want to get out of it. David creates a totally flexible program which adapts to exactly what each student needs to learn. For example I only needed an hour or two of direction before I was able to print out my first negatives. Thus precious time was saved and devoted to work in the darkroom as opposed to covering information I already had a strong knowledge of.

Thus, after 7 days, I put on five pounds, and came away with a strong enough working knowledge to create beautiful prints that I can confidently offer to sell.
What more could one ask for than that?fine art papers by hand-coating it with platinum and/or palladium was with David Michael Kennedy near Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I got to live with David and his family and I got to live and breathe the art of platinum printing for over a week. What I learned was not just how to make a perfect print, but how to look at a platinum print and how to appreciate the aesthetics of that rare type of printed image.
David is a wonderful artists who has strong opinions an the art, and he has a fantastic eye for photographic detail, and most of all he very generously shared his knowledge of platinum printing with me. And if at any moment he could not find the answer to some strange or mysterious printing event (and believe me, they do happen from time to time even for the most experienced printer), he had a whole net work of equally talented platinum printers from across the USA who would be able to offer solutions or suggestion.

Nigel Gregory

I hope this finds you and henry (that sweet fuzzy creature) warm and well fed in your most wonderful home in el rito. I think of you both often. thanks david, for an amazing week.
I got more out of working with you than I have out of any photographic experience. I so appreciate all the effort you put into me. felt like you applied the same high standards to my work that you apply to your own - what a gift!
plus great company and great food. 
Teri Havens  
Teri's website

Imagine getting cooking lessons directly from Emeril Lagasse or decorating advice from Martha Stewart. That's the value from a workshop with a Photography Master like David Kennedy. He improved almost every part of my photography. The learning started well before I got on the plane and continued all the way until he dropped me off at Albuquerque's Sunport. We worked from 7am until 11pm, and he challenged me for every minute during the days. I really like the way David facilitated my work. He assisted shooting by helping with film holders and holding lights. When I got behind in my film developing, he processed a 4 real metal tank (can you say heavy...) for me. He provided written critiques (that I put in a notebook). I also received critiques and advice from two artists/models. Frankly, there were several areas of my photography that were broken--He/they fixed them. The most important, is that they helped me think about how I pursued my photography and how to make it better. I left with an upgraded confidence and skill set for my photography.
We worked in the artist community of El Rito New Mexico. There we were able to focus on approaches that just weren't possible in a group or classroom situation. The creative atmosphere is wonderful. He has thousands of wonderful negatives and prints which are used as learning material. He will flip open a contact sheet to show a method on working a situation. I love photo equipment, but his has been optimized for making great pictures. He showed me how to upgrade cameras and lens to get that "extra little advantage." Working in this darkroom is a breeze. After seeing his operation, I've already made several significant changes in my darkroom.
Overall, it was a good education. Warm, creative and safe environment--I couldn't have asked for more!
Lloyd Greene --Jan 11, 2011

Being in your class was such a blessing.   I learned a ton about working with people and the camera.  I am still living in that experience and feeling grateful for it.  I left New Mexico inspired by your commitment to not just your own work, but your students and your relationship to folks in El Rito. you are freak'n awesome.  
Xiomara Castro 



I had been teaching myself Palladium printing for over a year. Using books, the internet, and a college professor or two I had hit a wall and was very unhappy with the quality of my prints. I went searching for workshops and landed on David's website. I was instantly impressed and intrigued with the beautiful work and also really happy to see that David teaches Palladium/Platinum printing workshops. I contacted David about the workshop where we talked in depth about my goals and objectives. It was clear that David was intent on making the workshop fit me and not the other way around. We agreed on a schedule and three weeks later I was on my way to New Mexico.
From the time I arrived at David's I was made to feel completely welcome. David had my favorite foods and snacks ready, a detailed agenda tailored to me, and I had full run of the place.
Each day of my week with David was full. David taught, then left it to me to carry that instruction forward all the while providing guidance where needed.
I created negatives, prepared the papers, coated papers and was ready to expose and process; all under David's careful and knowledgeable guidance. Then the moment of truth...into the developer went my first print.
My first print FAR exceeded in beauty and quality any prints I had produced before. The first print actually exceeded my expectations of the workshop(and I was still only in the second of five days)! The next days were spent fine tuning my understanding of the pricess and producing new images. David was there to give feedback and suggestions where needed but he also left me to work on my own as I built my skills and confidence. 
The week ended too soon and as I left I had gained immeasurable knowledge in many, many different areas of photography and print making. Was the time and investment worth it? Yes, every second and every penny.
Highlights: Lobster dinner, custom meals, thought-provoking conversations, encouragement, challenges to be better, attention to detail, great company and a really great time.
Would I do it again? In a heartbeat.
John Kleinberg- April 26, 2012


     I had always wanted to do a workshop with David and this summer, on short notice, I asked him to design a workshop for me and my son: shooting portraits, landscapes, and printing in platinum/palladium.
     From sunrise to sunset and beyond - 14 - 16 hour days for 7 days!  It was - in a word - awesome! We shot pictures, made digital negs, scanned some 4 x 5 negs we brought with, learned the platinum/palladium process - mixing chemistry, coating paper, exposing, processing and finishing the prints. Plus everything in between - we did it all!
     David is not only a wonderfully accomplished artist (including his past commercial work) he is also an exceptional teacher. He is a teacher who brings to bear all of his experience from a teenager to the wise sage he is today. His path is one he shares with great intimacy and brutal honesty. He has stayed true to himself throughout the years and this honesty and truth is what makes you feel like you have known him all your life. David let's you right into his life and graciously shares his home, his friends whom he loves, and his 'country'.
     My son and I truly had an experience we will never forget. We not only learned a process that we can't wait to pursue in our own work, but we also made a friend for life. We can't wait to go back and do it again!
Scott Tucker
Scott Tucker Photography

I will do it again and again,DMK is a Brilliant (awesome) teacher and a Fantastic COOK :)
DMK change my way and workflow to do palladium prints.
My time with DMK was the best Workshop, and learning experiences of my Palladium & Platinum life!
The workshop was very intense,funny,DMK is a fantastic teacher to have around,hoping to see El Rito soon again.
Fantastic place to stay in, clean and tidy, a house with taste and fantastic Studie to work in.
Would I do it again !!! YES YES YES!
hope to see you soon david:)
Peter Fransson


I hadn’t much touched photography and print making since I did some large-format photography and darkroom work as teenager 45 years ago. When looking to get back into the art, I came across some of David’s beautiful Pt/Pd prints in a gallery. His photos made an emotional impact and I knew immediately that was what I wanted to do. I truly appreciate David’s willingness to accept me for a workshop given I’m a neophyte to Palladium printing. The workshop was fantastic. David brought me into the modern camera, digital negative and Pt/Pd print worlds. He is a remarkable mentor with vast knowledge of his craft, a master photographer’s eye and infinite patience. Expect to learn. He provided everything needed.  We worked from early morning to late every evening in his fully-equipped studio and darkroom covering everything from shooting better photos to final touchup of Palladium prints; the big picture to the smallest details. All hands on. Given my inexperience I arrived with low expectations but because of David’s enthusiasm and willingness to help me learn I left with a good knowledge of the craft and the capability to work on my own. The week was challenging, intense and absolutely a joy; highly productive and pleasant. David is a giving person and wonderful host with a sense of humor.  Did I forget to mention that he’s also a superb cook - ask him to make you his white lasagna! His home in El Rito is a wondrous and warm place where the coyotes will serenade you to sleep after a full day of learning. Since the workshop David and I have continued our conversations, and my mentorship, through e-mail and phone. His willingness to share his knowledge knows no limits.  
Thank you David!
Mike Neveu


I waited 10 years to have My Platinum / Palladium Workshop with David
Michael Kennedy. I am a Film photographer and avid collector. I acquired a
large collection of glass plate negatives from family heritage and wanted to
print the photographs in the style from the error that the original
photographs were made. My week with David was eye opening and a real joy to
work with a master in the craft. His printing style and darkroom techniques
are the best in the world for warm tone Platinum/Palladium printing. If you
want a real week of immersion in to the world of this process; David is the
one to learn from in his environment. I will soon have a darkroom and
process to emulate the time period from our past. If you work in Digital or
Film You will learn from David and his processes, on all levels from a
professional on down. David is a kind wonderful man with great darkroom
techniques and a great cook to help out the late night hours if you so
choose. He lets you work in his darkroom while he cooks and preps full meals
for conversational breaks to eat and help your understanding of the
processes you want to learn. Thank you David for my week with you.
David Wilson Burnham
Rochester NY