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Some of the People who made this all Possible Tomek Niewiadomski Photographer and co-exhibitor Marta Zawistowska our good friend and guide Piotr Dymkowski Tomasz’s right hand man Marcin Herman our book printer the Crew in front of Tomasz’s studio and gallery

June 6, 2005 Warsaw Poland PHOTOS

June 6, 2005 Hotel Le Regina Warsaw Poland Flying into Warsaw Poland (sung to flying into Los Angelessss by Arlo) Heather’s first morning in Warsaw working on the journal Ready for First encounter Here comes Heather Marta and Tomasz waiting in lobby

Polish Show Warsaw Poland


All photos are by Lukasz Krol except the one of Lukasz. He owns copyright and has kindly allowed us to use them He can be reached at: Photogrqapher Lukasz Krol by DMK or HH On stage with Jolanta Fajkowska of vid tv Tom speaks So much attention! Shooting Tom Andrzej Swietlik Polish photographer Jolanta Fajkowska […]

Polish Billboards

Had no idea this was happening but arrived in Poland and on the way from the airport I saw the first one of Debbie! There are more and as I find them will post them. Great time in Poland but no time to write now. Me and Debbie on way from airport Photo of Billboard […]

June 3, 2005 Hotel Le Regina Warsaw Poland

June 6, 2005 Hotel Le Regina Warsaw Poland After 24 hours of airplanes, airports, customs and lost baggage we arrive in Warsaw. Wonderful City and People. Marta, our guide is fantastic! Thomaz is wild and crazy running double-time to finalize the show and all the press. The hotel is fabulous a small old world first […]