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May 29, 2005 Amarrillo, Texas

May 29, 2005
Amarillo Camp
Amarillo, Texas

Arrived this afternoon. Was good to have a few days to regroup get caught up on paper work and just relax.
Interestedly , as we drove down Hwy 14 and through Madrid I saw the town anew. Not a place I had lived near for almost 20 years but as if I had just come across it on the journey. Made a note to come back and spend a few days re discovering the town and the folks who live there. Strange how when you live close to a place the magic can fade and you need to leave for awhile to come back and rediscover it. Felt like turning around and heading back to our Santa Fe Camp but we need to be in Amarillo now to get ready for the trip to Poland.
As we set up Camp this afternoon our neighbor came over and during the course of camp talk the familiar question “Where ya headed?” was asked. Warsaw I answered. Warsaw where? Warsaw Poland. Oh never been there myself and he walked back to his rig looking a bit confused.

Frank and me with the last big 4×5 foot print Bed Nebraska.

David Marks stopped by the camp to show us his new work. Outstanding!

Dwight met us for drinks at 2nd street and started playing with my 4×5

After a few more drinks Dwight made this one with our digital camera

May 28, 2005 Rock Port Nebraska

Last Nebraska Camp

May 25, 2005 Santa Fe Skies Santa Fe New Mexico

May 25, 2005
Santa Fe Skies Camp
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Funny how we keep ending up back in old Santa Fe. Finished up in Colorado another nice bus but not “the” bus and then headed back south. Have now heard of one in Minnesota and will see it upon our return from Poland. The One. Met up with Jesse in Walsenburg Colorado, about ½ way between Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Had lunch in one of the road places he and I had eaten in before and then we continued on the path Jesse heading North as we disappearing into the South. The drive down from Boulder is always beautiful and we got lost in the landscape not thinking about the destination

Santa Fe is greener then I’ve ever seen it before. The skier bluer I think as well. But the underlying feeling of gloom still prevails here for me and I look forward to finishing up our business here and getting on down the road. One of the saving graces about being here is the family that runs the Santa Fe Skies RV Park. Truly kind, gentle, friendly folks. It’s always a pleasure to stay here.

Looking over the journal it has been quite an adventure. Feel the bus issue has gotten in the way of the journey and have to revolutionize the think process behind it might just be simpler to find a bus!. Will be good to have the time in Poland to help me appreciate what we do have and help to remind me of what the journey is about.

Was able to see Frank at Frontier Framers and the big prints all framed and ready to go. They look so good. I really like the size and hope to be able to do a bunch for the show! The size and scale is awesome and I love seeing the little bitty 4×5 inch prints explode into 4×5 feet!

Now off for drinks at 2nd street with Dwight. Wonder what we’ll do tomorrow…

Santa Fe Camp

Me and Jesse in Walsenberg Colorado

Heather reflected in Airstream

Sunset Colorado

Sunset Springer New Mexico

DMK and Frank with Sister Reddie

DMK and Frank with Baby (as you can see the work stands on it’s own)

at home at rest

May 19, 2005 Colorado Springs Colorado

May 19, 2005
Colorado Springs Colorado

Days like today are too hard lots of driving and introspection. Thinking about motivation in general, mine in particular. Weston we out and photographed everything with a passion was almost driven to it. Friends, family, landscapes, portraits anything that presented itself to his field of vision. Mapplethorpe, well I guess he had 3 main thrusts…. Flowers, portraits and the other. Avedon, he took his white paper west and with a production and support crew to rival NASA or the current Home Land Security Team, photographed people. So here am I heading east and north looking at another bus.
Feeling an almost frantic need for more space more time more something.

Driving through Navajo Land today started looking at doors to homes or in some cases I guess just houses. Started wondering what the people who live behind them see as they approach the door, getting ready to open it and enter the space beyond. How different their perceptions of those doors must be from mine as I travel past them.

The folks who stand by the road all day with the stop/slow signs at construction sights. Do you wonder about them as you sit beside them in your air conditioned car perhaps cursing them for delaying your important journey? What do they think about us as we drive by. What perceptions of our lives do they have from the fleeting (sometimes not so fleeting) glances into our lives. And what about our perceptions of their lives. Do they wish they were in one of those cars all seemly knowing where they are going, with important destinations. Happily off on the family vacation or returning from a successful business trip.

Didn’t make any photographs today.

’nuff said

May 18, 2005 EVENING Gouldings Camp Monument Valley, Utah

May 18, 2005 EVENING
Gouldings Campground
Monument Valley, Utah

Left mid day and started down Route 98. A few miles outside of Page we ran into the turn off for The Lower Antelope Canyon and followed it. Short detour on the way to Colarado. Pulled into a small parking lot with your classic Navajo Stick construction hut and went over to talk to the folks. We got told about the “tour” and I felt a bit strange never being one for “tours” but I figured why not it felt good and they said Henry could go although I might have to “help him down some stairs” so we paid our $35.00 and headed out. Our tour guide turned out to be April, a young Navajo Girl, who was a joy to be with. Now the tour is one I can relate to. You are taken to the “entrance to the canyon” a big hole you climb down into (see photo below). Your guide just kind of hangs out and answers questions. April really knew her stuff. As you wonder through the ¼ mile or so of canyon you run into other folks on tours or other guides. It’s all very laid back, friendly and a good time. You are free to go where ever you wish and make photographs. There is no rush to get through the canyon. They are open from 8am to 4pm and unlike most of the Indians I know do not run on Indian time. They are quite serious about the time.
I recommend this highly for photography or just a good time. If you are using the photographs for any commercial use you do need a permit from the Navajo Nation.
Ken’s Tours
PO Box 117
Page Arizona
They are just a few miles east of Page on HWY 98- you’ll see the signs. It is the lower not the upper Canyon you want to see.

Continued on down the road and realized we were close to Monument Valley so another detour brought us to the Mittens just about sundown. It was too late to drive the 17 mile dirt road through the valley so I made a few images from the Visitors Center Parking lot.
I believe they work well. I’ve been on the road a few times so it was a good experience to work from the parking lot along with the may other photographers who were present.
Have not mentioned work as of late but I have been making a few images ever day and think there is a lot of good stuff there. Very happy with the work from The Salton Sea

How you get in and out of Lower Antelope Canyon

HH photographing our guide April

our guide April photographed us

April and Henry as DMK photographs


DMK Shooting

Heather and April and Henry

Heather and April

Carrying Henry down the Stairs

May 18, 2005 Lone Rock Beach Camp Page Arizona

May 18, 2005
Lone Rock Beach
Page, Arizona

Arrived after dark last night. Strange place to come to at night, no signs, no maps, just a computer station that takes your credit card and charges 8 dollars to camp on a huge expanse of beach on the west side of Lake Powell. After much testing of sand softness and tribulations we selected a spot and went to sleep. This morning we found out we selected quite well and it was off to the water for Henry’s daily swim. How we keep finding water for him in the desert I’m not quite sure but I’ve come to believe he is directing the trip, cause we keep finding it. Heard about another bus in Colorado Springs so that’s the new direction. Also Jesse has been down in Albuquerque and he is heading back to Boulder on Thursday so we’ll try to hook up with him somewhere along the interstate.
Very basic camp, no hook ups and they are quite strict about any kind of waste water. There are copious amounts of out houses so your covered but if you camp more than 200 feet from one you must have a chemical toilet of your own. But there are what seems like miles of beach and it was quite deserted. It’s just across the Utah line on HWY 89. With 4×4 you can go anywhere and with a good car you’ll be fine.

Lone Rock Beach Camp

Henry at Lake Powell

Got another Ball Fish

One More time ….please!

HH and Henry Lake Powell


Road to Monument Valley

Navajo Land

Navajo Land 1

Photographing Monument Valley

DKM Monument Valley

HH Monument Valley

Henry at Navajo Trading Post

Self portrait Navajo Land

HH HCD Navajo Land

May 17, 2005 Willow Lake Camp Prescott Arizona

May 17, 2005
Willow Lake RV Park
Prescott Arizona.
The Lake is a small one just over the rocks from the Camp. If has numerous fingers going into the rock outcroppings that make to die little swimming holes. Henry is in Heaven. He’s been able to swim morning and night for the past week
Traveled through Quartzite Arizona on the way here. Looks like one hell of a town from about October to March. The entire town is one big flea market / RV park. By early April it tends to get a bit deserted and all we saw was vacant spaces and the memories of last years camp. Hope to spend some of this coming winter there.

Willow Lake

May 16, 2005 Riviera Marina and RV Park Blythe Arizona

May 16, 2005
Riviera Marina and RV Park
Blythe Arizona

Jumping right ahead… the last few days spent exploring the Salton Sea and then headed North and East. Up through the Sand Hills of California over to The Colorado River. Arrived here yesterday and I’m worried Henry is getting water logged. A few days swimming in the Salton then he jumps head first into the Colorado River.
Spend yesterday and today catching up on processing Polaroid and recovering from Salton Seaism.

Heather at the Sand Hills

Sand Hills

Road through the Sand Hills

Brawley Ca.

May 12, 2005 Salton Sea California

May 12, 2005
Salton Sea California

Arrived late yesterday afternoon just in time for a walk on the barnacle beach before sunset. Interesting campground here at The Salton Sea State Recreation Area. Really a large parking lot with hook ups but only a few 100 feet from the water. Henry is ecstatic swimming his little butt off.
Yesterday morning we pulled the wheel and found one of the studs that holds the magnet onto the arm had busted off and was floating free in the wheel drum. Luckily it had done no damage to the wheel drum so the repair was simple- find a new pin have it welded onto the old arm and replace the arm and magnet. After locating a pin I was off to Mike’s Welding to have the metal work done. Drove up to Mikes and showed him the project. He got right to work on it and in 20 minutes I had a working arm and was headed back to Larry’s. After making a great portrait of Mike. Two hours later we were on the road heading to Salton Sea.
I’ve begun to realize that every breakdown bring us in touch with local folks who afford me great portraits and a chance to spend some time getting to know them. We have been blessed with meeting great people who stop what they are doing to lend us a hand and get us back on the road. Am
It seems like the breakdowns have always been a blessing in disguise and are an important part of our travels.
In Barstow the best RV and plumbing guy is:
B&B Plumbing and RV Center
(Sharon, Larry Sr. and Buster Brown)
27170 Old HWY 58
Barstow, CA 92311

best welding I’ve seen in awhile
Mike’s Iron Works
(Mike Miller)
29019 Old HWY 58
Barstow, Ca
mail: 29018 Arrowhead
Barstow CA.
Be sure to tell them we sent you and say Howdy for us.

Afterwards no visit to Barstow is complete with out a stop at B’s Dinner 2191 West Main Street, just of I-15. It’s over at the American Travel Center Truck Stop and from the outside don’t look like much but the inside is so 50’s retro and the food is great. But don’t ask Lori, the day manager to take her portrait cause she just don’t take good portraits! Oh yeah, You’ll get in big trouble if you try to make a photograph of Sharon Brown. She don’t let nobody, not even Larry take her picture!
Speaking of Larry, here is the big rough guy who talked so lovingly about the family of doves that live out in the shop. He has spent many hours letting them get to know him and can now approach the nest without the birds getting scared.
So for now the Airstream is back to roadworthy. We’ve been lucky to upgrade and retro fit all the systems so they are still original, rebuilding and re fabricating all the parts needed so she is now about in the same condition as when she was towed off the assembly line in 1959. But around each corner we’re keeping our eyes open for THE bus. We do love the Airstream but sure need that work space.

Didn’t I do this with the bus generator????

So this is how to fix the brakes?

Mike hard at work

Getting there

Mike did it again

Heather at B’s Diner

One of Larry’s Doves in the rafters

on the way to Salton Sea outside Palm Springs