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February 16, 2005 Elyse and Greg’s Farm Ausin Pennsylvania

February 16, 2004
Elyse and Greg’s Farm
Austin Pennsylvania

Amazing past 6 days. Left Omaha on the 10th and once again boogied on the interstate arriving on the 12th in Austin PA. It’s a great little town feels a bit like Vermont. Elyse and Greg’s Farm has a great fishing river running through it and acres of fields and forests for Henry to explore. Feels more like visit friends than going to buy a bus, speaking of which…. Have spent the last few days getting to know the bus- seriously getting to know the bus- working out the kinks of it having sat for almost two years. First getting her started, draining fuel tanks and lines and changing oil. Then a new starter was in order. Going over the entire bus with Bud and starting internet searches for a paint shop and numerous other necessary steps to go through before I buy her. Still lots of unanswered questions but I know enough now to know I want to be able to get this bus on the road and that it will be a better live/work space. But it’s not ready to just drive back to Omaha and I still have to finish the work for Poland so it’s back to Omaha we go. Once the show and scans for the book are finished, hopefully in the next two weeks, it’s back to the farm to work out all the kinks and figure this all out……

Perry’s Store and our introduction to Austin

Henry, Heather, Elyse, Greg and me at The Farm

Yep, it looks like a bad starter to me whata da ya think???

Good local brew Thank God!

February 10, 2005 Omaha Nebraska

February 10, 2005
Omaha Nebraska

This interstate driving is making me nuts! Arrived in Omaha yesterday, unloaded the airstream and had a good visit with Dan and Joyce then went to see Dan’s show at the Botanical Gardens and are on our way to Pennsylvania today. Dan’s show was great. It’s amazing how quickly he has picked up the digital negative process and the palladium printing process as well. Truly a beautiful show! Aho Dan!

Dan at His Show!

February 8, 2005 Santa Fe Skies Santa Fe, NM

February 8, 2005
Santa Fe Skies RV Park
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Back in Santa Fe, again! Just can’t quite seem to stay away from this town. Had a good trip over to Arizona. Discovered a new area around the town of Aguila, Arizona.
Great landscapes and people. Hope to return here when I have more time to explore. Also met Dave and Cleta who own the 1961 Western Flier we went to see. Great bus and a real contender but we still have to see the bus in Pa. Somehow without even seeing it in person it feels right to me. Almost wish the Western Flier had been magical enough to of made me say yes to it then the 4,000-mile trip to see the Flx bus would not be necessary.
Found the Wigwam Village Motel #6 in Holbrook Arizona! There are only two left that are open and this is one of them. Ws driving down I-40 and looked over to the South and saw a mess of tepi’s and had to go investigate. Was super surprised to find it there, along with lots of old vintage cars from the 30’s to the 50’s. Very Cool! The folks who run it are super friendly and you really should stay there. Their website is:
Right down the street is Kester’s Volkswagen. Another great place, so many VW’s in so many weird configurations.
All in all I’d run down I-40 past Holbrook numerous times and never thought twice. But once you get off the big road and start to explore all these old towns you find a history and uniqueness well worth the time spent. After this Pennsivlania trip, the bus registration (will have to go to New Mexico to do that) and the printing in Omaha I vow not to take another interstate until it’s time to go to Poland!

Wigwam Motel Holbrook AZ

Detail Wigwam Motel

Kester’s Volkswagen

Kester’s Volkswagen

February 5, 2005 Becky’s Home Albuquerque, NM

February 5, 2005
Becky’s Home
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Been here a few days and Uncle Phil’s surgery went super well and his recovery has been magical. Already he is tired of his “Babysitter” and has told me it’s time for me to continue the great Bus search. So it’s off to Arizona to see a possible bus and then on to Omaha and Pennsylvania.

Serious Chief

Playful Chief