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June 13, 2005 somewere over Iceland

June 13, 2005
Over Iceland

Flying over Iceland I find myself thinking about all the folks we met in Poland. The great experiences we had! I’d just like to thank everyone for the wonderful Polish journey. Poland was a joy and I look forward to returning someday and exploring the country and it’s people in depth.

Iceland down below

Last Warsaw Thought

GOT YA! Thanks again Everyone who made this show happen!

June 12, 2005 Hotel Le Regina Warsaw Poland

June 12,2005
Hotel Le Regina
Warsaw Poland

Sad to be leaving Poland but looking forward to some sleep. There has been not time to rest up since arriving. Without Marta to direct us we really would have been lost getting everywhere on time and finding all the great restaurants and places to go.

The opening was fantastic. Like nothing I have experienced before. Apparently 900 people where there along with all the newspapers, magazines and even radio stations!

The opening started at 8:00 with a speech by the Master of Ceremonies. Perhaps Mistress of Ceremonies is correct? She was Ms. Jolanta Fajkowska from VID TV, a very famous Polish TV Personality. There was a stage at one end of the upstairs large gallery room (yep the gallery had a huge room upstairs and 2 smaller rooms downstairs as well as a large bar downstairs.) Anyway she spoke about the work and has Tomasz and me come up on the stage, asked us questions and had us say something about the work. It was weird being up there looking out on about 900 people (it was a huge room) the 20 to 30 paparazzi standing at the foot of the stage and the tv cameras and staring at us. As we spoke the paparazzi did not shoot but when she officially opened the show they wet wild. Pushing in toward us cameras whirling and flashes flashing – move over Mick Jagger. It was truly weird and I had no idea what to do- now I like to have my picture taken but this was just too weird. Had my digital point and shoot in my back pocket so out it came and I started shooting the paparazzi shooting us. Was a good mood the crowd went wild and the show was on it’s way.

The show slowed down around 10:30 but the bar stayed open and we finally left around 2 pm.

The list of people there was impressive and going through the photo pages you’ll see them all.


The Polish Photo Agency AKPA was kind enough to allow us to post their photos here. All Photos are copywrited by AKPA. For information on these and other fine images they have you can contact them at:

AKPA Polska Press
tel. (22) 646 61 61
fax: (22) 844 01 55
tel. kom. 0 600 012 700
zdjкcia on line:

owner of Fabryka Trzciny, where the show was, Wojciech Trzciñski

Wojciech Trzcinski, Jolanta Fajkowska, David Michael Kennedy, Tomasz Niewiadomski, Leonard Karpilowski

DMK and Tomasz

What it looked like to us

a back stage look

Wiktor Kibalcyc, Piotr Pręgowski Agnieszka Strzelecka, Ewa Kuryło

Pawel Wilczak, Joanna Brodzik, Lidia Popiel

Ewa Kurylo, Piotr Prêgowski

Irena Jarocka

Gallery 4×5 work


Tomek, DMK and Matgosia

Heather in the gallery bar

Heather and DMK at the gallery bar

Piotr and Tomasz and Marta

Piotr and Tomasz at the Gallery

a quite moment for Kenjasan

Matgosia and Marta at the press conference

The Hardest Worker

The Last Supper

Going over the press clipping late last night in Poland

and we got to be tourists for about 30 seconds


DMK at Tomasz’s studio/gallery

Tomasz in his darkroom

Marta,Tomasz and Piotr


another hard day for Marta

Tomasz never stopped again on the phone

Tomasz and DMK supervise the hanging of the show

Snake Pants


just a few more

our hotel

over the river

goodbye to warsaw thank you all!


While we were busy with the show we did get to sighsee for about five minutes!

Food was great!

Heather getting ready enjoy Blood Sausage

Great pork!

Really good

a great eatery

Weird how they advertise their meat stores…..

a quick stop….

a building

cool they got cowboy boots!

made a few cool images

an old market


The opening date of the Gallery 65 is the 11th of June, soon after the vernissage which will take place on the 9th of June.
The address of the gallery is as follows: Bema St., no 65/8; building A; 01-244 Warsaw; Poland.


Stephanie at show

Tom and his Dad

tom and his teacher Leonard Karpilowski

tom and band

tom and his mum and dad

the movie

the wine girls by nick darcy