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March 27, 2005 Santa Fe, New Mexico

March 27, 2005
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Following those small roads through Oklahoma, Texas and finally New Mexico.
It never fails to amaze me how whenever and wherever I cross the New Mexico State line within minutes everything changes, feels and looks different. There is a magic, a spirit here in New Mexico that I have not found anywhere else. Something’s happening here…..
Arrived mid afternoon, yesterday, to snow falling and majestic New Mexico Skies. The snow was one of New Mexico’s quite fluffy ones where the snow just floats down to cover the world. Pinion and Juniper trees become white regal beings against the dark skies and the cottonwoods become white ice trees etched into the night sky. The rv park is just down the road from my old house so the views are all too familiar but never the less the magic is cast, the journey into the night begins. If you’re really lucky you’ll hear more than see the great white owls fly by just above your head. The night snow brings a peace and warmth to this land. It holds down the juniper and pinion smoke and surrounds the villages in timeless incense from the wood fires within the old adobe homes. Had hoped to go out and photograph but the flu bug is still with us and could only lie in bed and watch out the window as the evening unfolded. Sometimes that’s enough.

Trains in Oklahoma

New Mexico Skies

Pullen into Santa Fe

March 25, 2005 Council Grove Lake North Eastern Kansas

March 25, 2005
Council Grove Lake
North Eastern Kansas

Left Omaha behind a little after noon today. The plan, what plan? That plan, was to be heading back to PA around the end of February. Well, only a few weeks late and going in the wrong direction so I guess I’m about where I should be. Heading toward Santa Fe to deal with tax business and then to Houston to do some new work with Jerry. Printing 3 of the trip images 40×50 inches. Then back towards Pennsylvania and the bus……
The trip seems to be become fragments of time between obligations I have to fulfill. After the Polish Show I hope the focus can again become the traveling as apposed to the destination. It becomes very distracting and dilutes the purpose of the trip. It feels easy though, to slip back into the drivers seat and head down the road. All good two-lane roads traveling through rolling hills and small towns of Nebraska and Kansas.

self portrait in Kansas

March 7, 2005 Omaha Nebraska MIKE KRAVIT”S PHOTO PAGE

Still in Omaha finishing up the Poland Show only a few more days but here are some photographs Mike sent me of our time in Key West and Arizona…..

Alway enjoy traveling with him and his super lady Lorene and seeing how he sees and photographs as we travel together
aho Mike