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Leonard Peltier

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If your down in the Albuquere area this is a great place to stay!

The Sleepy Tepi

A very unique and Spiritual place for those that want the rustic experience in style. I have fresh bedding and towels for guest. We are a small art farm all about sustaining our projects. Many places to sit and read, write, draw or just kick back.

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Great opportunity to travel to Turkey and spend time with learnign from Bobbie Lane and Lee Varis two of the world’s finest photographers and instructors.




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The Book of Alternative Photographic Proceses Third Edition by Christopher James is now available!

What can one say? Christopher James has covered so many areas of alternative photographic processes in this volume with incredible depth and insight. Not only is he true to the analogue traditional processes but he also delves into the digital world and helps to marry the two in a seamless way. Christopher has written what could be purely a classic “technical book” but has added his wit, humor and love of photography to create a book that not only gives you the nuts and bolts of a “how to book”, but also takes you on a lyrical journey through the world and history of photography. This is a must have for everyone interested in photography, be they photographers, collectors or just folks interested in photography. I am proud to be a part of his journey.

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Great new book by a good friend and fellow photographer Larry Lindahl