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Great New Paper For Platinum/Palladium Printing

Revere Platinum Paper

Will be available in late March or the beginning of April from Bostick and Sullivan

1. 300 gsm sheets in 22×30 and 30×44

2. 145 gsm sheets in 22×30

This “new” grade is being manufactured by the Cartiere Magnani mill in Pescia, Italy (The Tuscany region), the mill has been producing fine papers for fine art printing and stationery since 1404.  The importer is Legion Paper Corporation in NY and Los Angeles.

It is a mouldmade, 100% cotton, neutral pH paper with NO buffering agents (calcium carbonate) and has 4 deckled edges with the REVERE watermark.

I have done extensive testing with this paper and it is great.  Wonderful warm tones with hot potassium oxalate.  My replacement for rising artist drawing Bristol.