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September 9, 2004 Omaha, Nebraska

9 September 2004
Omaha, Nebraska

Awhile has passed…… After Lubec Maine I drove through inland Maine and wondered through Vermont. Great state, Vermont. Visited in the town of Cabot, where my first ex-wife lived with the Weatherman in the ’60. The town really has not changed at all. Then headed down to my folks in Ct. and off to Omaha to get some gallery work done. Have been in Omaha over a month- locked away in the darkroom but now see the light and hope to head North and West in the coming week. Plan is off to South Dakota, Rosebud, Pine Ridge, Eagle Butte and the Black Hills then down to Colorado to see Jesse and into New Mexico. Will hook up with a film crew from Paris that is going to do a small documentary on the trip somewhere between Rapid City and Denver. Then Nevada, California, Oregon and Washington. Who knows? Sounds like a plan. Been rough being off the road for so long. Good folks and great food here but its time to mosey on down the road. Had the opportunity to make contacts and scan all the work done thus far, so the gallery section has many new images. Also found images that I’d previously missed so if you go back through the pages you’ll find some new work as well. I  had time to set up the trailer so I can contact print 4×5 palladium- so be on the lookout for the traveling portfolio. If you’d be interested in seeing the portfolio of original palladium prints made on the trip, edition will be “APOTR” for Artist Proof printed on the road, let me know.

Dan “Your gonna be here how long?”


Dan, Joyce and Henri

Dan and Henri

Dan learning palladium printing