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December 21, 2004 Roanoke, Virginia

December 21, 2004
Roanoke Virginia

Good to see VR but was very sorry not to see Jean or all our other friends in the area like The Newman’s or Sister Reddie.
Have forgotten how small the roads are in the east. Running up I-81 through Virginia is absurd. Massive truck 18 and 34 wheelers, more like trains that have lost their tracks! Left La Grange Georgia (just south of Atlanta) this morning but by 8pm realized that the road was winning the battle, and if I didn’t stop, the war. Trucks whirling by at 75 but the speed limit is 65 and that’s still too fast. Curves, hills, 6% grades and the smell of rain in the air….
Henry, the ultimate road dog curled up in the back seat, as the hours go by. From time to time he comes up front to say hello and see about a pee stop. We leave the night to the crazies- find a camp take a shower, make dinner, pee and sleep. Tomorrow is soon enough for the next leg, hopefully all the way to Connecticut.

VR,his prints and Henry

Henry asleep

Truck stop Camp makes the airstream look rather small

December 19, 2004 Turtle Bayou Texas

December 19, 2004
Turtle Bayou Texas

Back again. Been running interstate since dropping Heather off, yesterday, in Portales New Mexico at her Grand Parents home for Christmas. Made it just west of Fort Worth last night so today I got to run through Fort Worth, Dallas and Huston! At one point I jumped off and drove the frontage road between Dallas and Huston, for a while just to go 40 mph and gain some much lost sanity. Why we need to go so fast and see so little.
Picked up the 16×20 prints for V.R. in Huston from my friend, dealer, framer, Joan. As usual great work! I am looking forward to seeing VR for coffee tomorrow morning and giving them to him. He still has yet to see the two 40 x 50 inch prints that are going to the Long Horn Museum east of Huston Texas. Jerry, her significant other made the 40 x 50 prints and they are superb! Really enjoy the images that big and hope to do a few from the “Wrong Turn” series that large. Lots if itty-bitty 4×5 images and lots of big 40×50 inch images.
This feels very “anti-trip” having to rush through southwest Texas and Louisiana not getting to see the Newman’s or Sister Reddie, but the family and Christmas calls from Connecticut and I’ve only a few days to get there. If you all are reading this I apology for not getting to stop by and say hi. Sometimes the destination becomes more important than the trip or so it seems……

Joan Jerry and me with big print for the museum

DMK and the othe large print

Jerry in front of airstream and his Huston space

DMK in place of Jerry

DMK in Huston

December 16, 2004 Santa Fe Skies

December 16,2004
Santa Fe Skies Camp
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Not sure how I keep ending up back in Santa Fe. We left Flagstaff this morning to a land covered in ice and snow. Ran through Winslow Arizona and spent some time at the La Posada Hotel circa 1930. What a magical space. Allan Affeldt, his wife Tina Mion and their partner, Daniel Lutzick have done such a magnificent job restoring it. It was a Railroad Hotels designed by Mary Elizabeth Colter. You really need to go to Winslow if only to spend a night in this magnificent hotel. I’m sad to say the building on the corner in Winslow Arizona burnt down a few weeks ago but the town is working on a way to save the wall. So a great weekend trip- head out to Winslow stay in the
La Posada Hotel
303 E. 2nd Street
Winslow Arizona 86047
and figure out a way to help the folks restore the wall!
Time to regroup, then drop Heather with her family for the Christmas Holidays and I head east to spend the holidays with my folks. Jesse is also driving across the country with his friend Amelia and we will all meet in Connecticut. Heather is flying back sometime around the New Year and we are off towards Key West Florida, perhaps we will make it this time.

Standing on the corner in Winslow Arizona and the building burnt down and the wall may fall down..

Henry and Heather and dinosaur at the Petrfied Forest I-40 east of Flagstaff Arizona

DMK Shooting at Petridied Forest

DMK shooting Two Arrows Arizona

DMK checking type 55 neg

stop sign (duh) early morning east of Flagstaff

Ice on sagebrush Arizona

December 14, 2004 Usery Mountain Receational Area Mesa Arizona

December 14, 2004
Usery Mountain Recreational Area
Mesa, Arizona

Left Bisbee behind yesterday morning. Mike and Lorene headed East, back to Florida and Heather and I headed North to my gallery in Scottsdale and we found this wonderful campground with many varieties of cactus just minutes away from the craziness of Phoenix.
Miss you guys it was good fun camping with you see you in Florida!

Occotillo Catcus at Usery Mountain

Henry at Usery Mountain

Teddy Bear Cholla Usery Mountain

Teddy Bear Cholla 2 Usery Mountain

Usery Mountain 1

Usery Mountain 1

Saguaro Moon Usery Mountain

Henery with Green Ball Arizona

December 11, 2004 Shady Dell Camp Bisbee Arizona

December 11, 2004
Shady Dell Camp
Bisbee Arizona

Had breakfast again at The Daily Dinner in down town Bisbee. Have shared many meals there since arriving and it is a great place. The owner, Charles H. Lewis is a master pie maker and not a bad all around cook. He has travel around the county, on his bicycle with his dog in tow behind. One trip was to Pietown to bake pies. I recommend his Bisbeeberry pie.
Also met Glynn Grisson outside the Daily Dinner in one of his many re conditioned VW busses. Glenn lives in Montana but is down in Bisbee doing some mining and looking for old VW’s to restore. If you’re in the market for a great-restored vintage VW you should try and contact him at 406.227.6827
Headed west and found the Papago Indian Reservation. Great space, great land. Spent the entire day on dirt tracks exploring the desert, Saguaros and river bottoms that cover this land.

Charles H Lewis alis the Pie Man as usual Heather lighting the way

Glynn Grissom and one of His VW’s

Just anothe Bisbee Car

Look close at the heads on the car, isn’t that Mike and Lorene…

The four of us at The Papago Reservation Arizona

Church San Luis Papago Reservation Arizona another of Heather’s magic photographs

Mike at work in The Papago Reservation

Mustang Mountains Arizona yep Heather again

Tombsone Arizona Photo Page

coffee time….

The Drunk

The Drunk shoots

The Women

Gotta ya

Gotta ya back

Law and Order

December 10, 2004 Shady Dell Camp Bisbee Arizona

December 10, 2004
Shady Dell Camp
Bisbee Arizona

Drove to the border again today but this time to the town of Douglas Arizonan, thanks to the advice of Walter Satterthwait, a great writer and friend from Santa Fe. Also Caroline Gordon’s significant other. Just finished his book “Masquerade. Great read but I’m upset by ending, Walter, quite unfair. Very different border than Nogales, Douglas is not the boom border town with lost of shops nor is the town on the Mexican side. But it has the same big fence, only more oppressive.

Mike and I compare notes

Henry and Heather in back of Mike’s rental car

Mike and Lorene at the border

Music Room Gadsden Hotel Douglas AZ

Mike shooting the Gadsden Hotel

December 8, 2004 Shady Dell Bisbee Ar

December 8, 2004
Shady Dell
Bisbee Arizona

Went for lunch in old Mexico. Great experience crossed over at Nogales nothing
between us and Old Mexico but a one way turn gate. Had a real Mexican Lunch picked
up a few bottles of Membrillo- okay what is Membrillo you may well ask? Its official
name is “Crema De Membrillo” and it’s a quince/tequila product much like a licquor.
Great smooth sweet tequila. But you can only get it in old Mexico. Wondered around
Nogales for a while and fell in love with the town. So very different than on the
American side. Much more colorful lots of hot pinks, sky blues and deep purples in the
buildings. Having trouble with understanding the “border” How a line in the sand
can make such a difference. And the fence between the two towns is unreal (see photo
On the way there we drove through the Coronado National Park. Very cool place.
We ran into a Park Ranger (read Federal Officer). Great guy armed with an M-16, 12gauge
shotgun with night sight and a 40-caliber sig/sauer side arm. When I saw the sig I knew
we’d be friends. Spent an hour talking over the border issues and the numerous folks that
came over. Gave me new insight into the whole issue.

Christmas in Patagonia, New Mexico

Coronad National Forest

Border Fence Nogales lookinf from US into Mexico

Key Shop Nogales Mexico

December 6, 2004 Shady Dell Camp, Bisbee, AZ

December 6, 2004
Shady Dell Camp
Bisbee Arizona

Spent last night at Tombstone Hills RV just out side of Tombstone Arizona. All night the hail came down. It truly can get cold out in the Arizona Hill Country. Make you realize how ruff it was on the frontier in the 1800 and early 1900’s. The trailer rocked all night in the wind.
Shady Dell is an interesting place. They have about 10 vintage trailers – all from the 50’s. Most are Spartans but they do have one old airstream. They have all be restored to the original looks including 50’s TV sets (with hidden vcr’s) and old black and white movies from the 50s’. They even have The Long Trailer with Lucile Ball. Old 78 records and players are included as well. The trailers rent as hotel rooms and it’s a bit like being on the road. Along with the stationary trailers they have a big old cabin cruiser complete with dock and tiki statues.
My friends Mike and Lorene Kravit flew in from Florida and are spending the next few days traveling and photographing around southern Arizona. A trip to Mexico and a hunt for the ultimate Saguaro Cactus are on the agenda. Their first two nights will be in the Spartan Royal Mansion and the last few night on the Cabin Cruiser.
On the way over we stopped at The Amerind Foundation and Museum in Texas Canyon just off I-10 near the town of Dragoon, Arizona. Truly an amazing place- with a unique landscape. Massive large boulders are strewn about the canyon, reminiscent of The City of Rocks in southern New Mexico. “The Foundation was founded in 1937 by William Shirley Fulton as an anthropological and archaeological museum and research center dedicated to the preservation and interpretation of Native American cultures and their histories.” I hear some of my more Traditional Elders groaning over those two words, anthropological and archaeological, but perhaps if it is done in a good and respectful way it will help to teach and pass on the history and Traditions. Aho, this can be a good and important thing. From all I could see the Amerind Foundation is doing this in a good way.

Airstream at The Amerind Musueum

Shady Dell Sign

Night View Of Shady Dell Camp

Dot’s Diner at Shady Dell

Mike and Lorene’s Love Trailer

Lorene in Trailer Kitchen

Mike and Lorene’s Love Boat

Mike and Lorene on the Love Boat

The Boat Galley

Ready to go to Mexico?

Town of Bisbee Arizona

Downtown Bisbee

December 3, 2004 Wilcox, Arizona

December 3, 2004
Wilcox Arizona

Explored between Lordsburg, New Mexico and Wilcox Arizona today. Found some great towns. Hachita, New Mexico, on route 9 just a bit above old Mexico. Found a great church and wonderful old homes. The on to the weird on….. Playas, New Mexico.
It’s a town of about 350 single family homes, a school, firehouse, bank, and about 50 apartments, all laid out in suburban sprawl and built circa 1970 ish by the Phelps Dodge as a company town. Okay so the mine went belly up and EVERYONE moved out. Looks and felt like something out of the Twilight Zone. So we drove around the streets thinking this is really weird, especially the streets that had “restricted area” signs posted in the middle of them. Finally we found someone and asked about the place. Turns out Homeland Security bought it and is using it as a testing and training ground. Oh, I said as I got back in the car and hauled ass towards Rodeo New Mexico. Rodeo is another old New Mexican town that has “more art galleries per capita than any other American town.” We saw 3 galleries…….. they were all closed. It’s a small town …. Onward, West to Arizona.

It is so important when on the road to find those camps where the folks are warm, friendly and care.
The folks in Las Cruces were great and the space was amazing, up on a hill looking out over the city. Truly great. If you’re ever there be sure to stay at:

Las Cruces KOA Kampground
814 Weinrich Road
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88005

say hi to Tony and Chris for us!

When in Wilcox, Arizona great people and this proves their wireless internet works

Magic Circle RV Park
700 North Virginia Avenue
Wilcox, Az 85643

But in Lordsburg stay away from:

Lordsburg KOA Kampground was not one we can add to our recommendation list…. Enough said

Airstream Las Cruces N.M. KOA

Tony and Chris Fassi owners of the Las Cruces KOA

detail Your Church Hachita New Mexico

interior Your Church Hachita New Mexico

window detail Your Church Hachita New Mexico

Wall Hachita

front porch Hachita New Mexico

Henry Road Hachita New Mexico

Leaving Hachita New Mexico