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what i saw…..

DMK and Hugon

dmk jolanta fajkowska vid tv edward j. kulakowski us embassy

Tomasz’s Father

dmk and tomasz and joanna bancerowska pr person

andrzej roslonski and dorota nowakowsica journalist zycie warszawy newspaper with dmk

dmk and tomasz on stage

dmk heather and lady krystyna outside show

journalist tvp polonia Grazyna Olejniczak

kenjasan the didgeridoo player

lady krystyna

Magdalena Pawlak dmk by nick darcy

photographer nick darcy in middle

mr trzcinski owner of fabrtica trzciny getting his book signed

on stage

renata with marta’s parents and marta


Some of the People who made this all Possible

Tomek Niewiadomski Photographer and co-exhibitor

Marta Zawistowska our good friend and guide

Piotr Dymkowski Tomasz’s right hand man

Marcin Herman our book printer

the Crew in front of Tomasz’s studio and gallery

June 6, 2005 Warsaw Poland PHOTOS

June 6, 2005
Hotel Le Regina
Warsaw Poland

Flying into Warsaw Poland (sung to flying into Los Angelessss by Arlo)

Heather’s first morning in Warsaw

working on the journal

Ready for First encounter

Here comes Heather

Marta and Tomasz waiting in lobby

Polish Show Warsaw Poland


All photos are by Lukasz Krol except the one of Lukasz. He owns copyright and has kindly allowed us to use them He can be reached at:

Photogrqapher Lukasz Krol by DMK or HH

On stage with Jolanta Fajkowska of vid tv

Tom speaks

So much attention!

Shooting Tom

Andrzej Swietlik Polish photographer

Jolanta Fajkowska vid tv interviews DMK

Polish Photographer Jacek Poremba

Polish Photographer Jacek Poremba

The “Stage”

Flowers, no less!

Another interview

TV4 interview

tom playing didgeridoo

Wojciech Trzcinski, Jolanta Fajkowska, David Michael Kennedy, Tomasz Niewiadomski, Leonard Karpilowski

Polish Billboards

Had no idea this was happening but arrived in Poland and on the way from the airport I saw the first one of Debbie! There are more and as I find them will post them. Great time in Poland but no time to write now.

Me and Debbie on way from airport
Photo of Billboard by Heather

Detail of above
Photo of Billboard by Heather

Rachel Rosenthal
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

Another Debbie
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

Tomek Niewiadomski and me with Iggy
Photo by Heather

Another Iggy
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

Photo on billboard by Tomek Niewiadomski
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

Photo on billboard by Tomek Niewiadomski
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

Photo on billboard by Tomek Niewiadomski
Photo of Bill Board by Tomek Sirora

June 3, 2005 Hotel Le Regina Warsaw Poland

June 6, 2005
Hotel Le Regina
Warsaw Poland

After 24 hours of airplanes, airports, customs and lost baggage we arrive in Warsaw. Wonderful City and People. Marta, our guide is fantastic! Thomaz is wild and crazy running double-time to finalize the show and all the press. The hotel is fabulous a small old world first class place to hang your head. First class is nice after 18 months of trailer life. From time to time things change……….

Have spent the last few days decompressing and giving interviews. Seems Thomas has attracted the attention of the press and we have interviews scheduled with every major and minor TV station, radio station, magazine and newspaper in Warsaw. Have a crazy schedule with as many as four interviews a day.

Not much time to see the city but what we’ve seen is fantastic! Small cobblestone streets and a great mixture of old and new architecture. It was totally destroyed during the war but the Polish People have rebuilt the city keeping a good deal of the old world feeling. There is a good feeling here and we are meeting fantastic people Very bizarre how the soft older building blend into the sharp angles of the new chrome and steel.

Had a huge surprise as we drove in from the airport, there was a huge billboard of Iggy Pop announcing the show. It seems Thomaz has created 50 billboards and 50 bus stop posters to announce the show. Heather and I find ourselves searching them out as we travel through the city. Thomaz has a list of the locations and we hope to find them all. Feels like a contest to find them as we zoom about in these little toy cars.

Dinner last night with Tomek Sikora and his wife Matgosia. Tomek is a very fine Polish photographer and I very much like his work. They have a warm friendly loft in Warsaw as well as spending half the year in Australia.

A sleepy Heather with our first room service “breaky”

Service with a smile

Heather and our savior Marta at her old flat in Warsaw

self portrait of Tomek and Matgosia by Tomek (of course it’s a self portrait)