Santa Fe Photographic Workshop Environmental Portraits 
with David Michael Kennedy February 20 – February 26 2011

$1,175 FEES:
$170 Model, Location, and Speaker Fee
Call us at 505.983.1400 x11.
or call David at: 575-581-9504
“An environmental portrait is a portrait executed in the subject’s usual environment, such as in their home or workplace, and typically illuminates the subject’s life and surroundings.” definition by Wikipedia
This workshop is for photographers who want to push beyond this definition to explore portraiture in new and challenging ways, gain insight into non-traditional ways of designing portraits, and discover creative modes of expanding their personal vision.
The week includes two days of traveling as a group to “off the grid” locations, where we have the opportunity to photograph many of the interesting people that David has come to know in his 25 years in Northern New Mexico. Initially, we work as a group, with David providing a demonstration of his approach. We learn how to focus our attention on every aspect of a portrait session, including finding a pathway into your subject’s spirit and enabling them to relax, feel safe, and trust you enough to give you the gift of a true and honest portrait. Then, we work individually with the portrait subjects specially selected for this workshop. The remaining time consists of daily assignments, critiques, and personal one-on-one sessions with David in the classroom.
Plan on long days and nights of hard work. This is an intense workshop where you are encouraged to break the rules. By breaking rules, you discover your own personal marriage of technique, style, and craziness, to help you redefine your outlook on portraiture and life.

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