March 25, 2004 Easton Ct.

Easton Ct. by early afternoon. Still cold, still rainy and this small ache starting in my back…… Mom and Dad standing at the doorway watching as I pull up in front of their house all fifty feet of my traveling circus!
Have you seen The Long, Long Trailer with Lucille Ball? If not rent it and follow us down the road. If you’ve seen it and remember the scene when Rickie has to back their trailer down Lucille’s Parents driveway you’ll understand why I sent my Parents back into the house, behind closed doors, before I started my first long haul backup adventure. Parked outside my Parents garage I had no idea it would sit there for 21 days. Spend the first week seeing a physical therapist in Katonah NY and stretching out my back as the small ache developed into a huge muscle spasm. Then the new floor took much longer and on and on and on……

The Land Yacht in front of the Breweter House

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