July 30, 2004 Camden maine

Left the morning of July 29 to meet my friends Joan Bueling and Jerry Herring out on Vinal Haven Island about 12 miles off the coast of Maine. They were staying at their friend Joe Kaemplers home. To get there you take an hour plus ferry ride from Rockland. The ferry is a small commercial ferry holding about 16 cars, depending on their size.
Joe’s house is fantastic as is Joe and his son, Luke. I spent a wonderful afternoon and evening getting to know Joe his friend Elaine and the island while catching up with Joan and Jerry. We have started a project with Jerry digitally printing some of the Longhorn images 40×50 to donate to the Longhorn Museum outside of Huston Texas.
Next morning I made a portrait of Joe and his son and then caught the afternoon ferry back to the main land.

The house that Joey Built

Downeast at Joeys’

Vinal Haven Island

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