August 9, 2004 Ellsworth Maine

Patton Pond RV Resort

Woke up 5am to Henry crying by the bed. Henry never cries so something was up. Out the door we went, me in my bathrobe, Henry in a very big hurry. He took off among the RV’s before I could get the leash on him and “visited” about five camp sites before I caught up with him to gain some control. Had the worst case of diarrhea I’ve ever seen. But the morning had begun and the sunrise over the lake was superb so I grabbed the camera and off I went. The fog was just lifting from the lake and the light was great all I needed was some subject matter. Let’s see there is the beach, some white wooden chairs on it next to the dock with a boat at the end of it and a guy sitting having early morning coffee, looken good, hum, the swimmer’s float looks good out in the water. It’s beginning to come together. And here come the boys, two of them about 15 years old up at 5 am for a swim. Who says the Youth of america is soft. They jump in the water and I’ve almost got an image- before morning coffee, Maine has been good to me. As they swim around, the world begins to look perfect, until their waves begin to rock the dock my tripod is resting on. Damn for an instant I thought I’d found it! They quite down and the dock stops rocking. Now only if they will, and they are, swimming out towards the swimmer’s float! Nope they hold on to it for a bit but never leave the water and swim back to shore. The light is going but it’s too good an image so I find the courage and shout out. “Hey guys wanta swim out to the float and stand on it so I can make a photograph”? The response is “Sure, that would be cool!” and off they go. I’m stunned, but as they climb up onto the float the photograph comes together. A bit more mist comes in, and the sun peeks over the mountain. I’ve been give another gift. For a brief while the world is perfect. As I walk back to camp I begin to wonder, did I expose the film correctly?

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