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Brklyn Film Festival

Deliver Me from Nowhere The making of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska

A great new book by Warren Zanes cover photo David Michael Kennedy

Teako In Hatch

Some days I wonder why I photograph portraits and then something
like this happens and it warms my heart. Thank you Teako for sharing your soul with me.

Email I received from Teako…
Evening David. I received the photograph—- thank you Very Much….It took 2 1/2 days to carefully unleash it from its bindings.  You certainly don’t take shortcuts on your packing… I’ll sort around for an old frame to mount it in… to give it the justice it deserves—-I’m  an Old Man Now—- and somehow you made me look interesting and perhaps worth knowing… it is one of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received.
Thank you ,  
best regards, Teako. 

Local Knowledge a blog post by Steve Immel A wonderful day with Steve showing me some of his favorite places.


David in Lama Photo by Steve Immel
David at Elizabeth Town Cemetery Photo by Steve Immel
David at The Church Photo by Steve Immel
Inside out Lama Photo by Steve Immel
Ruins on upper Lama Road Photo by Steve Immel
San Antonio Church Angle Fire Photo by Steve Immel
Used Dodge Elizabeth Town

David Michael Kennedy is one of my photography heroes so when he suggested a photo tour I was honored, excited and not a little daunted. Why would a Master hit the road with a journeyman I wondered. A few months back he told me, “I’d like to head north with you. Let’s see what mischief we can make” or words to that effect. What mischief, indeed can an old hippy (his description of himself) and an octogenarian manage? He asked if I liked mushrooms. I replied that,” I love them sauteed in olive oil with chopped garlic or better yet in risotto with fresh herbs.”

Then at last Friday he called and asked if I’d like to do a photo excursion around Taos next week. I answered, “Sure. I can do it any day. He responded, “ How about Monday?” And Monday it was.

He arrived at 9:30am. I made him a cup of coffee and gave him a tour of our art filled walls. He told me he wanted to drive so he’d be able to remember how to get to the remote locations on my go-to list. Turns out he had booked a photo tour in September. His repeat clients asked to visit Taos and environs on of their days and he wanted to put together an itinerary with my help. “Besides, I’ve got Cody with me.” Cody is his six-year-old Lab. A more devoted companion you will not meet. He only had eyes for David. He didn’t even know I was there.

Since I was to be the tour guide, I had a loop in mind. We would drive east on US 64 from Taos to the village of Angel Fire, we would photograph a cool little church a little east of the village, then return to 64 and proceed north to Eagle Nest. Along the way to Angel Fire there are some abandoned buildings and a shuttered resort on the north shore of Eagle Nest Lake. From there we’d drive to Elizabeth Town. We’d continue on the Enchanted Circle through Red River, the westernmost town in all of Texas. Not really. It just feels that way. We’d grab a bite and continue west to Cuesta, nothing to see there. Turn south on NM 522 toward Taos where we’d photograph in the towns of Lama and San Cristobal.

Not every site was a knockout, but we got something from each. The little white church outside Angel Fire was a hit. The ruins on US 64 between Angel Fire were worth a stop. Elizabeth Town disappointed since there were fences and No Trespassing signs on most of the choice ruins. The lovely little cemetery had gone to seed. David allowed that he need gain access to the relics of the ghost town’s mining heyday to make it worth the drive. The closed resort on the lake was locked up like Fort Knox. David photographed a sign with the name of its Texas owner and said he’d make contact and get permission to enter the site. He’d do the same with Elizabeth Town.

At the top of Upper Lama Road in Lama were a cluster of ruins that I’ve photographed many times. David was in his element. We had the run of the location even the interiors of the old houses. David wia in his element. We’re both drawn to the forgotten and forlorn.

Strewn through this post are selections of my efforts at Antonio Church outside Angel Fire, of Elizabeth Town and the ruins in Lama. Some are candids of my traveling companion, the one and only David Michael Kennedy. 

The dude likes the camera, and the camera returns the favor.

Complete Darkroom for sale.

Information off my instragram page so forget DM me. Just email or call 505-660-3312

The Bob Dylan Center Tulsa Ok.

Designed by Olson Kundig, the world-class Bob Dylan Center houses and exhibits exclusive cultural treasures created and owned by Bob Dylan over seven decades. These include handwritten lyric manuscripts to some of the world’s most treasured songs, previously unreleased recordings, never-before-seen film performances, rare and unseen photographs, visual art and other priceless items spanning Dylan’s unparalleled career as one of the world’s most important cultural figures.

So long ago with Bill Hearne

At La Fonda Hotel Santa Fe New Mexico

bill_hearne from David Michael Kennedy on Vimeo.

Analog Forever Magazine

My interview in the Edition 4| Summer 2021 issue
This is the best Photography Magazine out there today. Amazing artists and reproduction. It feels like the old days! I am so honored to be included in this issue.

All Pages are copyrighted by Analog Forever Magazine and all images by David Michael Kennedy


Link to my Interview with Ksfr Radio Santa Fe in conjunction with Sí Abiquiu click link below to hear interview

Link To Radio Interview

Wake Up Call’s MK Mendoza sits down with David Michael Kennedy to talk about his life and journey toward becoming one of the nation’s most renowned photographers and where he sees the future of photography. He also stands in support of the many Northern New Mexico artists making it through one of this county’s most challenging times and joins Si Abiquiu, in providing them additional support and promotion during this time. Si Abiquiu is a charitable project of The Arts Hub which produces events to benefit Artists and the Arts. They create opportunities for artists to present and sell their work, as well as showcase and lecture on their varied art forms through on-line and event platforms.